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Top 10 Organic Halvah of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews

Rank No. #1
Greek Halva Organic with Honey 200g
  • Made with 53% tahini and 47% honey to produce a unique confection that melts in your mouth.
  • The EU mandates GMO labeling so you can be assured these products are non GMO.
  • Naturally Gluten, Egg and Dairy free, No Preservatives, Colors, or Artificial Flavors.
  • Tahini is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and is high in healthy unsaturated fat.
Rank No. #2
Greek Halva Organic With Honey 250g (8.8 oz)
  • Organic With Honey
  • It is a tasty and nutritious choice thanks to the rich and antioxidant properties of sesame. Enjoy it at any time of the day.
  • Greek Handmade Traditional Halva, Health Benefits, Delicious Snack Recipe
  • Halva is rich in B vitamin, E vitamin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium and antioxidants. Regarding the calorific value, the combination of ingredients, sesame and sugar, it is a long-lasting and nutritious source of high energy and is also believed to rejuvenate the cells of the body. It is a delicious vegetarian and healthy food for adults and children, too Key Product Features
  • Sesame Halva is popular in the Balkans, Middle East, and other areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The primary ingredients in this confection are sesame butter or paste (tahini), and sugar, glucose or honey.
Rank No. #3
Wellbee's Honey Halva - Paleo & SCD Approved - No Additives, Refined-Sugar, or Artificial Sweeteners - 75g Each - 3 Pack (Almond – Organic)
  • MOST AUTHENTIC, BEST TASTING HALVA, Made using a traditional Greek method, resulting in the most genuine tasting halva with the perfect delicate texture and melt-in-mouth creaminess.
  • JUST 2-3 INGREDIENTS, PURE & SIMPLE Halva from only 2-3 healthy ingredients- Organic Sesame & Organic Honey, ensuring that it's good for your health and your taste buds too!
  • NO ADDITIVES, REFINED-SUGARS OR ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS The major breakthrough with Wellbee's Halva is that it contains absolutely NO additives or artificial sweeteners whatsoever. There are no hidden ingredients and no fillers or binders. What you see in the ingredient list is what you get. Super clean, super healthy.
  • THE GO-TO HEALTHY TREAT FOR ALL AGES Got a craving for something sweet? Need a quick energy-booster? Something refreshing along with your coffee? Wellbee's Halva makes a great snack for anytime, and is perfect for grab and go for school, work, on when on the go!
  • CERTIFIED PALEO by The Paleo Foundation, SCD Approved & Certified Kosher
Rank No. #4
Halvah Assorted (30 Oz) - Tahini Halva 3 Varieties: Pistachio, Marble Chocolate & Plain - Flaky Turkish Halawa Tahini (Halvah Assorted, 30 Oz)
  • ✔ ENJOY 30 OZ of Incredibly Delicious and Satisfying Halvah - Nutty, Flaky, Dense, Tahini-Based Candy. 3 savory flavors: Plain, Pistachio & Marble with chocolate swirled in. Give these halva variations a try, You'll Adore!
  • ✔ Gorgeous Tasty Signature Halva Snack - The most ancient of desserts. Sweet Delicious Middle Eastern confection. ENJOY!
  • ✔ Great dessert that will keep conquering your heart - Our special tahini adds a very nice touch.
  • ✔ These sesame based paste are even delicious as much as regular dessert.
  • ✔ Sesame Tahini butter that's made from Toasted Ground Hulled Sesame Seeds
Rank No. #5
Dulcefina, Organic Honey Halva w/ Dark Chocolate Kosher Gluten Free 75gr (6 pcs)
  • ORGANIC HONEY: At Dulcefina, we care about your health. Thatâ€s why we used 100% organic honey to sweeten this mediterranean dessert. Organic honey is a safe, natural sweetener thatâ€s full of antioxidants. Honey can lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and support heart health. Most of the nutrients in natural honey are also more bioactive than nutrients in other sweeteners.
  • GREEK HALVA W/ SESAME TAHINI: Like the organic honey that we use, the organic tahini we used in this sesame treat has a plethora of benefits for your health. Sesame tahini is rich in fiber and minerals, like phosphorus, lecithin, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Itâ€s also a great source of calcium and high in vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B15, and many other nutrients.
  • GREAT FOR ALL AGES: Are you looking for healthy snacks for you or the kids? Your search can stop here! Our halawa candy is great for grandparents, parents, and kids alike. These sweet treats are organic, gluten-free, and donâ€t include ingredients with GMOs. Our halva is certified kosher by Rabbi Yoel Kaplan Chief Rabbi in the Balkans.
  • Minimum Ingredients Max Flavor no aftertaste MADE BY HAND IN GREECE: We make each batch of these tasty organic snacks by hand in Greece. Each package comes with about 6 pieces of our handmade organic halva. Each batch is checked for quality to ensure that you get the highest-quality food possible. We donâ€t make these treats with oils, fats, flavors, colors, or additives.
  • ABOUT US: Our founders, Daniel and Nir, are just two “average†guys that wanted to create a place for the unique and exciting flavors of the world to come together. Thatâ€s how Dulcefina began. Weâ€ve gathered delicious sweets and candies from countries around the world to bring you the finer things in life. If youâ€re ever in Sarasota, Florida, be sure to stop at our new store!
Rank No. #6
Roots Circle Mini Halva Candy Sesame Tahini Bars | Bulk Re-sealable Bag | Made of 50% Sesame | Cocoa Bean & Vanilla Flavors | 42 Individually Wrapped Halvah Pieces | Kosher, Gluten-Free & Vegan
  • GO AHEAD, INDUGE AND “HALVA” PIECE: Originating in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries, Halva is a thick, decadent confection with a distinctive sweet and savory taste. Hints of nutty, honeyed flavor combined with a smooth texture is sure to make your mouth water.
  • INCLUDES TWO SCRUMPTIOUS FLAVORS: Enjoy two of the most popular halva flavors in one oversized bulk bag. Halva with cocoa bean and vanilla flavors pair well with afternoon coffee or tea, or crumble some over your ice cream for added texture and a uniquely rich taste.
  • 50% SESAME MEANS BETTER TASTING HALVA: We’ve worked hard to perfect our recipe to bring you the best tasting halva. Delicious halva means an equal sesame-sugar ratio (at least 50% sesame). Taste the difference with the melt-in-your-mouth consistency of this delightful treat.
  • VERSATILE GLUTEN-FREE & VEGAN GOODNESS: Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious gluten-free, dairy-free vegan-friendly mini halva bites. Roots Circle halva is not only vegan friendly, but can also be crumbled over yogurt parfait or added to cheese spreads for upscale entertaining.
  • RE-SEALABLE BULK BAG FOR FRESHNESS: Add a little something sweet to your pantry. Our bulk res-sealable bag includes 42 individually wrapped mini halva pieces. Halva is the perfect treat for your next event, and our little bars are great mini favors for weddings, showers or birthday celebrations.
Rank No. #7
Joyva Marble Halvah, 16 oz
  • Made of crushed sesame seeds in a binder of honey
  • 16 oz
Rank No. #8
Al Kanater Pistachio Halva 1lb
  • No preservatives
  • Made in Lebanon
Rank No. #10
Baron's USDA Organic Tahini Pure Sesame Paste | Rich & Creamy for Hummus, Baba Ghanoush & Dressings | Kosher, Vegan, Unsalted Ground Seeds | Gluten- & Peanut-Free, Keto-Friendly | 2 Jars of 16 Oz.
  • USDA ORGANIC PURE SESAME SEEDS PASTE: This all-natural, pure tahini paste fully complies to the USDA organic standards. The organically grown sesame seeds are handled and processed according to the requirements of the NOP.
  • SMOOTH TASTE, BLENDS WELL, EASY TO HANDLE: This tahini has very little if any of that bitterness that usually occurs in this type of paste. Its consistency is well blended and thinner than usual – therefore it is much easier to handle.
  • STONE-GROUND SEEDS ENSURE FINEST TEXTURE: Baron’s brand’s tahini paste features a silky-smooth texture that makes it the perfect basis for creamy hummus, delicious dips, butter or salad dressings, along with many main courses and desserts.
  • NUTRITIOUS SUPERFOOD FOR A WHOLESOME DIET: Tahini is kosher, keto-friendly, paleo approved, vegan, gluten- & dairy-free and full of healthy vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber & antioxidants. It’s ideal for baking, protein bowls & smoothies.
  • 2 BIG 16-OZ. JARS MADE OF BPA-FREE PACKAGING: In contrast to many beverage and food containers made from other plastics, our generously sized 16-ounce jars with snap-on lids are made of PET – a safe, recyclable material that contains no BPA.
Rank No. #11
Seedible Organic Sesame Butter, Tahini Inspired, Crunchy, All Natural, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Protein-Packed Sesame Spread, Pack of 2
  • TOP QUALITY: An organic sesame butter made from highest quality Ethiopian Humera sesame seeds. This tahini-inspired seed butter is a spreadable, tastier, ultra-smooth nut-free alternative to nut butters. Perfect for your favorite smoothie or sandwich or added to a sweet or savory recipe (from brownies to Pad Thai) for a boost of protein and nutrients.
  • HEALTHY: High in protein (6g), rich in calcium, iron, Omega 3 & 6's and low in carbs.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: An organic crunchy sesame butter made from the highest quality sesame and sunflower seeds. All ingredients are sustainably sourced.
  • SUPERFOOD: Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy free. Shelf stable and non-perishable.
  • Produced in a certified allergen controlled environment.
Rank No. #12
Organic Stone-Ground Whole Sesame Tahini Paste, Unhulled, Unsalted, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Organic, Peanut-Free, 11.6 Ounce Glass Jars (2-Pack)
  • 100% Stone Ground Unhulled Sesame Tahini Butter
  • USDA certified Organic Tahini
  • Kosher Certified Tahini / Vegan / Gluten-Free / Dairy-Free / Non GMO / No added salt / Paleo approved.
  • Rich in Calcium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Phosphorus, Thiamin, Protein, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Fiber, Tryptophan, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Omega 3 & Omega 6.
  • Our tahini is ideal for the preparation of Hummus and Baba Ghanoush. It can be eaten on its own, whipped into a dip, added to a smoothie, spread on a toast or drizzled over just about anything.
SaleRank No. #13
Marmara Pistachio Halva Tahini Gourmet Sesame Sweet Desert Snack Spread All Natural Vegetarian Gluten Free Bars 350 Grams
  • QUALITY: Halva has been a part of Mediterranean culture for centuries. It has been a favorite for all. Our sweet dense Tahini Halva’s are soft yet firm and have a toasty sesame flavor. Each Halva is made fresh with a sesame paste. Marmara Foods takes great pride in bring only the finest products for our customers. Our Halvas are eaten as a dessert or tea/coffee break treat. So indulge your sweet tooth with fruity flavors or nutty morsels and share the delight!
  • FLAVOR: Each Pistachio Halva is made for each new batch with fresh chunks of pistachios. Fresh sesame paste or tahini is used for our halvas. Each flavor is made using only the freshest of ingredients such as pistachios, cacao (raw cocoa bean), real rose petals or just plain. Try all our flavors!
  • HALVA: Halwa, means sweet confection. Halva has spread across the world and in each new locale, its name and ingredients have changed slightly. Different regions of the world added to it by mixing in pistachios, almonds or pine nuts, cacao (raw form of cocoa) and even real rose petals, while some flavored it with regional products such as ghee, coconuts and dates. Halvah is considered “healthy,” its sesame seed base endows it with nutritious minerals and therefore loved throughout the world.
  • GIFT: Great gift box for any occasion. Our sweet Halva are perfect to take to any host. Its also fun to set up a table full of various Halvas as a dessert classic. Packaged in a sophisticated box, elegant enough to give at any occasion. Click the "Add to cart" button on the above right to enjoy the tastes of Mediterranean now!
  • VEGETARIAN AND GLUTEN FREE/ ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Sesame seeds are used in all our Halvas. May be processed in a plant using tree nuts, peanuts, sesame and poppy seeds.
Rank No. #14
Organic Sesame Seeds, 12 Pounds – Hulled, Non-GMO, Kosher, Raw, Vegan
  • Delicious Organic Sesame Seeds from Food to Live are 100% free from any additives.
  • Sesame seeds, organic and natural, are packed with essential B vitamins that support your health.
  • Use Food to Live Organic Sesame Seeds to enhance the flavor of your desserts and salads.
  • Minerals sesame seeds are rich in promote bone health and benefit your skin and hair.
  • Raw Organic Sesame Seeds are safe and can be included in any diet, even weight loss plans.
Rank No. #15
Tarazi Organic Tahini Sesame Butter | Tarazi 100% Organic Tahini Sesame Butter | Jar, 2 lbs
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our products are proudly made in California, using only the finest premium sesame seeds.
  • ORGANIC AND NON-GMO - Our products are all-natural, organic and non-GMO!
  • 100% PREMIUM QUALITY - NO additives, NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NO salt are added to our product leaving it 100% Natural and Kosher Certified.
  • VERY HEALTHY - Our Sesame Butter is very high in fiber and protein. It is vegan and gluten-free.
  • SMOOTH, VELVETY, GOOD - Our product boasts of a rich, smooth, velvety finish. It's soft and not too oily. You've never had it this good!
Rank No. #16
Joyva Marble Halvah Bars 12 Bars
  • 12 1.75 oz bars of delicious halva
  • Kosher for Passover
Rank No. #17
Joyva Halvah Marble, 8 oz
  • Produces a mellow satisfying cup
Rank No. #18
Achva Kosher Vanilla, Cocoa Beans, and Pistachio Mini Halva Bars Snack Bag 18ct. Each Bar 0.4oz Net Wt 7.6oz (Pack of 2)
  • Pack of 2 bags each has 18 bars, Net weight per bag 216 grams (7.6oz) Each Bar has 12 grams (0.4oz)
  • Certified Kosher Pareve under the rabbinical supervision B'datz Yerushalayim
  • Suitable for Vegans
Rank No. #19
Alkanater Halawa, Sesame Candy (Pistachio, 2 LB)
  • Perfect combination of tahini and sesame
  • Healthy cholesterol free snack
  • Source of vitamins, minerals, fibers and iron
  • No Preservatives
  • Product from Lebanon
Rank No. #20
Achva Halva Vanilla, 16oz Tray
  • Achva Halva Vanilla, 16oz Tray
  • Delicious Achva Vanilla Halva
  • Perfect Complement To Tea Or Coffee!
  • Certified Kosher; Dairy Free
  • Product of Israel

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