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Top 10 Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder Battery of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews

Rank No. #1
Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Golf Laser Rangefinder, With Extra Battery Kit , White with blue trim - 16744
  • THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE TOP-SELLING COOLSHOT 20, WITH INCREASED RANGE AND SUPERIOR ACCURACY: With a measurement range of 6-800 yards, displaying in 1-yard increments and accurate to 1-yard (under 100 yards), and 2-yard (over 100 yards).
  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN. This truly pocketable rangefinder is perfect for those who may prefer to walk a few holes or the entire course. Requires less space and weight whether in your bag, in a pocket, or carried in hand.
  • NIKON OPTICS FOR BOTH THE VIEWER AND THE LASER. Nikon quality 6x optical monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images. Eyepiece Focus Diopter to focus to your own exact vision. Long Eye Relief (20mm) for use with sunglasses or eyeglasses.
  • ADVANCED PIN IDENTIFICATION AND QUICK MULTI-TARGET MAPPING – Single or Continuous measurement (up to 8 seconds) allows for quick, easy measurements to multiple targets, without the wait for a secondary indicator, such as a vibration or LED.
Rank No. #2
Nikon Coolshot 20i GII Golf Laser Slope Rangefinder, With Extra Battery Kit , White with yellow trim - 16747
  • THE NEXT GENERATION OF THE TOP-SELLING COOLSHOT 20, NOW WITH SLOPE AND WITH INCREASED RANGE AND SUPERIOR ACCURACY: Range of 6-800 yards, displaying in 1-yard increments and accurate to 1-yard (under 100 yards), and 2-yard (over 100 yards). Yard/Meter
  • DUAL DISPLAY - SLOPE ADJUSTED (PLAY-AS), AND STRAIGHT LINE DISTANCES. Incredibly fast, accurate distance measurements for every shot— even those involving slope. Featuring Nikon’s ID Technology for stress-free club selection for a shot w/elevation change.
  • COOLSHOT 20i GII eliminates second-guessing on how far uphill or downhill a shot will play. With so many unforgiving elements on a golf course, don’t let elevation change be one of them.
  • NIKON OPTICS FOR BOTH THE VIEWER AND THE LASER. Nikon quality 6x optical monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images. Eyepiece Focus Diopter to focus to your own exact vision. Long Eye Relief (20mm) for use with sunglasses or eyeglasses.
Rank No. #3
Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Golf Laser Rangefinder Bundle with 3 CR2 Batteries and a Lumintrail Cleaning Cloth
  • Golf Rangefinder: Play golf with confidence with a measurement range of 6-800 yards, displaying in 1-yard increments and accurate to 1-yard (under 100 yards), and 2-yard (over 100 yards)
  • Compact and Lightweight: This Pocketable rangefinder is perfect for golfers who may prefer to walk as the compact design keeps weight to a minimum in you r bag, pocket, or hand (Rainproof IPX4)
  • Nikon Optics: Nikon quality 6x optical monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images and long eye relief (20mm) for use with sunglasses or eyeglasses
  • Quick Range Finding: Single or continuous measurement (up to 8 seconds) allows for quick, easy measurements to multiple targets
  • Versatile Measurement: First Target Priority mode–useful for measuring the distance to a flagstick on a green with woods in the background
Rank No. #4
Nikon Golf Coolshot 80 VR Golf Laser Rangefinder
  • Nikon Coolshot 80 VR
  • First Priority Target Algorithm
  • Waterproof and fogproof
Rank No. #5
Nikon COOLSHOT 20 GII Golf Laser Rangefinder Bundle | Includes Carrying Case, PlayBetter Microfiber Towel, Two (2) CR2 Batteries | First Target Priority, 6X Magnification
  • [BUNDLE INCLUDES] - Nikon COOLSHOT 20 GII Golf Laser Rangefinder, Carrying Case, PlayBetter Microfiber Towel and Two (2) CR2 Batteries
  • [FIRST TARGET PRIORITY] - Displays the range to the nearest target among the multiple results obtained to assure pin measurement and not any objects in the background.
  • [8-SECOND CONTINUOUS MEASUREMENT] - Activate an 8-second continuous measurement function by pressing and holding down the Power button allowing you to know the distance to hazards, pins, mounds, and trees.
  • [BRIGHT, 6X MAGNIFICATION] - The 6-power monocular provides eyeglass-friendly long eye relief and adjustable diopter for tack-sharp focusing. Get clear, high contrast views featured by the renowned Nikon glass and multicoating technology.
  • [PERFECT RANGEFINDER BUNDLE] - Throw our handy accessories in your bag! Keep your COOLSHOT 20 GII lens free of smudges with our PlayBetter Microfiber Towel & make sure you're never without power on the course with our extra CR2 battery!
Rank No. #6
Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder (One Battery Included)
  • Measurement Range- 6-550 yds. Increment Reading- 1 yds. Angular Field of View (Real)- 6 °
  • Size (L x W x H): 3.6" x 1.5" x 2.9" Weight w/o Batteries: 4.4 oz
  • Objective Diameter: 20mm
Rank No. #7
Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder
  • ID Technology displays slope-adjusted distance, as well as to-the-target distance, enabling you to select the proper club for uphill or downhill shots.
  • HYPER READ provides quick and stable measurement response, in approx. 0.5 second, regardless of distance to the target.
  • Incredible ranging capability (8-650 yards), reported in ½ yard increments, with an accuracy or +/- 2 ¼ feet.
  • Class 1 laser product, power output not exceeding .0975 milliwats
  • See what lies ahead, behind, above or below with amazing sharpness and clarity with the integral 6-power monocular featuring legendary Nikon optics.
Rank No. #8
Nikon COOLSHOT 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder
  • HYPER READ provides quick and stable measurement response, in approx. 0.5 second, regardless of distance to the target. Increment Reading: 0.5 yards, Eye Relief: 18.3 mm.
  • Incredible ranging capability (8-650 yards), reported in ½ yard increments, with an accuracy or +/- 2 ¼ feet, Diopter Adjustment: +/- 4 °, Power Source: 1 CR2 Lithium Battery, Objective Diameter: 21 mm.
  • First Target Priority technology quickly and accurately identifies the flagstick from the background.
  • Class 1 laser product, power output not exceeding .0975 milliwats
  • Push and release the POWER button for 8-second continuous measurement scanning, allowing quick measurements to multiple targets.
Rank No. #9
Casematix Golf and Hunting Laser Rangefinder Case Compatible with Nikon Aculon 8397 , Prostaff , Coolshot , 16228 Arrow , Forestry Pro , 8377 Riflehunter 1000 and More Range Finders with Accessories
  • Perfect for protecting and Storing laser rangerfinders for huntting , golf , archery and more
  • Customize your case to snugly fit your device by removing the desired amount of diced foam blocks from the base to fit the shape of your laser rangeinder and small accessories
  • Hard shell exterior made of durable composite blow-mold plastic. Internal tri-Layer foam cushioning with diced customizable middle layer protects from impacts and drops.
  • Internal Dimensions: 11.0" x 7.25" x 3.25" ; External Dimensions: 12.0" x 9.5" x 3.5" - Works for bushnell hybrid laser gps rangefinder , bushnell golf range finders , vortex optics , GPS rangefinder
  • Fits Nikon 8397 Aculon AL11 , Bozily Golf rangefinder , Scout , Vortex Optics Ranger Laser , Bushnell Tour V4 , Sig Sauer kilo , Prostaff 7 7i 3i 1200s 1000a , Coolshot 40i 40 20 , 16228 ARROW ID 5000 , 16224 , 3000 , Forestry Pro , 8377 Riflehunter 1000 and More
Rank No. #10
USA Gear Laser Rangefinder Case Holster with Shoulder Strap and Belt Loop - Compatible with Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11, TecTecTec VPRO500, Gogogo Sport, Coolshot 20, Monarch 7I, Vortex Optics, and More
  • DURABLE FORM FITTING PROTECTION: Have peace of mind knowing your range finder is protected with our rugged, water resistant laser rangefinder carrying case
  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT INTERIOR: Our compact range finder bag protects your laser range finder with its scratch-resistant interior from drops, dings, scratches, and bumps
  • CARRY ANYWHERE WITH BELT LOOP & WRIST STRAP: Perfect travel options that allow for simple and convenient mobility options, letting you take your range finder bag on-the-go.
  • ACCESSORY POCKET: The range finder case has a small accessory pocket that is perfect for holding batteries and other small accessories while you're out and about
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: All USA GEAR Products are backed by a 3 year Manufacturer Warranty (Please measure device for proper fit) || Interior Dimensions: 4.75 x 3.25 x 2 inches **CASE ONLY**
Rank No. #11
Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder, Standard Version
  • Pin Seeker with JOLT Technology
  • Accurate to 1 yard
  • Ranges 5-1, 000 yards; 400+ yards to a flag
  • 5x magnification
  • Fast focus system. No slope feature
Rank No. #12
PinSightz Golf Range Finder (Laser Accurate) Distance, Slope, Speed, Height, and Ranging | Vibration Lock with Pin Finder | Fog and Interference Protection | Incl. Case and Battery
  • Advanced Laser Rangefinder – This all-in-one golf rangefinder helps you accurately measure distance, slope and speed, height, and horizontal distance with precision.
  • Quick, Ultra-Fast Reading – Designed to give you an enhanced view up to 600 meters (656 yards), our golf laser range finders provide accuracy in seconds within 1 yard.
  • Pin Finder Technology – Along with being able to lock onto a flagpole, our range finder features a vibration lock that lets you know when you’re on the mark.
  • Compact, Portable Golf Accessory – The ideal choice for any golfer’s bag, this golf laser rangefinder includes a lanyard, belt-mounted case, cleaning cloth, and battery.
  • Enhanced Magnification and Viewing – Each PinSightz features an adjustable eyepiece, ultra-clear lens display with battery indicator, 6x magnification, and a 21mm objective lens.
Rank No. #13
Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder Standard Version
  • AGE, ADRENALIN, CAFFEINE, NERVES, COLD, WIND, ALCOHOL, all affect your ability to hold a rangefinder sufficiently steady to know with confidence that you’ve hit the right target. Finally there is a solution that doesn’t involve bracing against a tree.
  • NIKON’S EXCLUSIVE STABILIZATION TECHNOLOGY stabilizes not only the viewfinder, but also the outbound laser for unequaled accuracy and control. Technology proven through decades of refinement and use in Nikon camera lenses.
  • SLOPE ON / SLOPE OFF – HOW DO YOU PROVE IT? Never be disqualified or even leave your status in doubt. Nikon’s exclusive external LED provides a Visual Confirmation that the COOLSHOT PRO is in a USGA conforming mode - legal for Tournament play.
  • BACKGROUND CONTRASTED CRYSTAL CLEAR OLED DISPLAY with auto or manual brightness levels. Nikon LOCKED‐ON 2 technology. When measuring to a target with background, (flagstick in front of trees), a green ring circles the target to confirm lock.
  • ADVANCED PIN IDENTIFICATION AND QUICK MULTI-TARGET MAPPING – Continuous measurement (up to 8 seconds) allows for quick, easy measurements to multiple targets - flagstick, trees, hazards – everything you need to know as you prepare your shot.
Rank No. #14
Kozyvacu Double Eagles DEPRO-800 Golf Rangefinder - Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor - Laser Binoculars - Free Battery - Water Proof
  • ▲PLAY WITH CONFIDENCE, with Double Eagles DEPRO-800, our users constantly tell us that having a golf rangefinder took 2-3 strokes off their rounds. Increased Confidence and Fewer Frustrations can be yours too!
  • ▲TIRED OF GUESSING AT YARDAGES? You need Double Eagles Laser Rangefinder! Step up your game with on-demand distance information to anything on the course. Just Point & Shoot!
  • ▲LONG MEASUREMENT RANGE: Double Eagles DEPRO-800 has a 710 yard maximum range | You'll always know you have the right club!
  • ▲RAINPROOF:Protection class IPX4. Its rubber cover protects it from knocks and gives it a pleasingly firm grip. Enjoy fascinating image quality whatever the weather.
  • ▲SMART PINSENSOR TECHNOLOGY: Our 3rd Generation Smart PinSensor Technology firmware designed with first target priority quickly locks onto the flag while ignoring background objects.
Rank No. #15
TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S Slope with Battery
  • 540 YARDS RANGE: The durable VPRO500S laser rangefinder will instantly catch flags and hazards with high-quality 6x magnification providing bright, clear images.
  • PRECISE ACCURACY: Using the latest optical technology, the VPRO500S gives you the most accurate and reliable measurements with excellent accuracy of ± 1 yards at distances of up to 540 yards helping you find the right distance to golf flags, trees, or hazards.
  • SLOPE MODE: Our patent-pending PinSlope Technology allows for slope compensation to calculate the angle of elevation (uphill or downhill) by adjusting the distance to the target. By using our latest laser rangefinder technology, you can be confident you’ll have an accurately adjusted distance to your target every single time.
  • THE FULL PACKAGE: In the box, you will receive a VPRO500S laser golf rangefinder, which is r proof and moisture resistant. It comes with a protective zippered case with a quick closure option, a CR-2 lithium battery, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a quick-start guide. Includes a two-year warranty (online registration is required) as well as lifetime customer support.
Rank No. #16
Gogogo Sport Vpro 6X Hunting Laser Rangefinder Bow Range Finder Camo Distance Measuring Outdoor Wild 650/1200Y with Slope High-Precision Continuous Scan
  • INTEGRATED TECHS: Provide high-precision distance measurement. Integrates the latest functions such as continuous range
  • VERSATILE RANGE FINDER: The most cost-effective rangefinder you can find on the market to provide you every thing you need for hunting, bowhunting, golf and other professional application with reliable product quality and after sales service
  • DEPENDABLE PERFORMANCE: Measuring range from 5 to 650/1200 yards, with +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification. The flagpole locking function support a distance up to 150 yards. Our rangefinder can meet most user’s needs
  • THROUGH-THE-LENS DISPLAY: Fully multicoated optic lens effectively reduces reflected light and increases the transmission of light giving you a brighter clear image and clear readings. The diopter is adjustable for precise focus on display
  • WHAT WILL YOU GET: Package include rangefinder, 1 CR2 battery, basic canvas carrying bag, manual, microfiber cleaning cloth and strap. Last but not least, we proudly provide 1 year warranty and lifetime customer support.
Rank No. #17
Upside Golf New & Improved - LOCKON RangeFinder with Built-in Magnetic Golf Cart Mount, 6X Laser RangeFinder up to 1000+ Yards, Accurate to 1 Yard, Water Resistant - Silicon Protective Sleeve Included
  • ⛳IMPROVED NEOMAG GOLF RANGEFINDER: The World’s First Rangerfinder With a Built in Magnet – EXCLUSIVELY FOR GOLF HAS BEEN UPDATED AND IMPROVED! The Rangefinder will Now Feature Increased Measurement to 1000 Yards, New and Improved Software (W/Stabilizer), and A Silicon Protective Sleeve (Bright Green for Visibility). Rangefinder Will Lock to Cart and Iron Faces!
  • ⛳ SUPREMELY ACCURATE WITH PIN VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY: Accurate to .5 – 1.0 Yards. We Have Personally Tested to Golf Flags With Pin-Seeker Lock at 500+ Yards, to Trees and Buildings Going From 600 to 1000 Yards in Measurement. High Definition Lens With 6X Magnification. Pin Vibration Technology Allows for a Pin Activated Target Lock Which Features a High Frequency Buzz Vibration.
  • ⛳ DUAL MODE SETTINGS: Tournament Mode, Which Measures Exact Legal Distance to the Pin. Slope Mode Provides the Golfer With Compensated Distance to Measure the Target’s Elevation Changes.
  • ⛳ QUALITY AND STABILITY: New and Improved Software With Stabilizer for Better Lock on Onto Target. The Neo-Mag and Outer Shell Are Designed in the USA by a PGA Professional. Internal Technology Built by Our Partner Who Has Over 14 Years Experience in Optics Technology. This Product Has More Weight Than Most Which Allows for Better Balance and a Steadier Hold.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ FIVE STAR SERVICE: Our Rangefinder Features a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and a One Year Warranty (From Date of Amazon Sale), and World Class Customer Service!
SaleRank No. #18
Raythor Pro GEN S2 Golf Rangefinder, Laser Range Finder with Pinsensor and Physical Slope Switch, Continuous Scan, Rechargeable Battery, Tournament Legal Rangefinder for Professional Golfers
  • PROFESSIONAL GOLF RANGEFINDER: Raythor GEN S2 Golf Laser Rangefinder with the latest design, adopt physical slope switch, which provide golfers more choices when measuring distance. Plus the features of TAG(target acquisition technology) and ARC (angle range compensation), it is a must-have tournament legal golf rangefinder for professional golfers.(Accuracy +/- 0.1 yard, range 5-1000 yards, pin-seek 180+ yards, flag-lock 300+ yards)
  • PINSENSOR WITH PULSE VIBRATION: Nearest target acquisition system that ensures you to receive the accurate yardage to the flag or desired location, but not what’s behind the green or your target. A short vibration after successfully measuring the distance to let you know you hit your desired target, giving you more confidence.
  • SLOPE ON/OFF TECHNOLOGY: Built-in slope technology gives you an adjusted distance based on the hole’s incline/decline and helps you select the correct club for the shot. The physical slope switch gives you more freedom to choose to turn on or off the slope function, freeing you from any tournament restrictions, power up your game.
  • CONTINUOUS SCAN & LONG BATTERY LIFE: Continuous scan function allows golfers to acquire distances for multiple targets at once. Super high-quality rechargeable battery can support more than 10 rounds(18 holes) of golf games. A micro USB cable (included) could be charged from any regular 5V charging port, including most electronics. More convenient and no need to replace battery, saving your time and money.
  • GREAT AFTER-SALES SERVICE: 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee, just be happy to add this golf rangefinder to your cart. If you have any problems or unsatisfaction with our goods, you can contact us directly by email(24-hour service, 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support). What You Get: 1x Raythor Golf Rangefinder,1x USB cable,1x Carrying Case, 1xCarabiner, 1x Lanyard,1x Cleaning Cloth,1x User Manual,1x Warranty Card.
Rank No. #19
Golf Buddy AIM L10 Golf Rangefinder with Slope, Golf Laser Rangefinder Accuracy Golf Devices, Golf Distance Range Finder for Golfers, 3 Target Mode, 6X Magnification, Golf Gifts for Men and Women
  • Aim L10 Golf Buddy Laser Rangefinder with wider LCD for better visibility with new ergonomic and sporty design of the aim L10, the golf laser rangefinder weighs just under 6 oz, the golf launch monitor features three different targeting modes: Standard, Scan and Pin with vibration mode. The aim L10 Golf Laser Rangefinders also comes with a slope on/off switch that provides slope-adjusted distances for various elevations for more accuracy.
  • Handheld Golf GPS rangefinder easy-to-read, extra wide LCD display with 6X magnification and automatic shut-off after 15 seconds when left unattended with vibration alert lets you know when you have found the target, the golf buddy rangefinder is perfect for unsteady hands or windy weather conditions. The golf distance finder has ability to read in Yard and Meters both makes L10 a perfect golf range finder golf unit.
  • Golf distance measuring device is Compact & portable device watch for shot distance measurement, the golf buddy rangefinder golf unit comes with replaceable CR2 3V Lithium battery for 3,000 ~ 5,000 actuations, the rangefinders for golfing has accuracy +/- 1 yard and range from 5 to 880 yards and 5 to 800 meters.
  • The golf launch monitor L10 golf tracking device is USGA / R&A complaint – legal for handicap & tournament play. Golf distancefinder comes with handy hard-wearing carry case, the golf distance range finders comes with belt hook and easy access toggle closure meaning you don’t have use the zip between shots comes with ergonomic grip and lightweight design range finders.
  • The golf yardage finder is perfect companion for your golf putters and other golf accessories for men and women, the Golf buddy L10 is the best gift for Golfers. Can be use as laser distance measure, golf course gps units for men and women the simplicity and ease of use make the GB L10 the number one laser distance measure unit in golf. One of the best rangefinder amongst the golf buddy accessories.
Rank No. #20
Panasonic CR2 3.0 Volt Long Lasting Lithium Coin Cell Batteries, 2 Pack
  • Engineered to provide long lasting power
  • Reliable in a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Long storage life of up to 10 years
  • 3.0V nominal voltage
  • Proudly made in Panasonic’s Indonesia factory

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