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Top 10 Folic Acid Costco of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews

Rank No. #1
Nature's Bounty Super B-complex with Folic Acid Plus Vitamin C, 300 Tablets (2 X 150 Count Bottles)
  • 300 Count (2 X 150 Count Bottles)
  • The B Vitamins work together to provide nourishment for the stress of daily living*
  • Vitamin C supports immune and antioxidant health, while Folic Acid helps maintain homocysteine levels already within a normal range*
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
Rank No. #3
Metabolic Maintenance L-Methylfolate 5mg - Active Folate (L-5-MTHF) + Glycine Supplement - B Vitamin for Mood, Nerve, Methylation + Cardiovascular Support (90 Capsules)
  • GET THE RIGHT KIND OF FOLATE - About half of the US population have a reduced ability to convert folic acid to 5-MTHF, the activated form of folate.*
  • ACTIVE & BIOAVAILABLE - Our L-Methylfolate is a more active, bioavailable form of folate. It is the only form of folate to cross the blood-brain-barrier.*
  • CARDIOVASCULAR, NERVE, & MOOD SUPPORT - 5-MTHF is important for normal production of the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. It also plays a part in the maintenance of cardiovascular and nerve health.*
  • PURITY, QUALITY, POTENCY - No fillers, binders, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Vegetarian capsules. No gluten, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, or magnesium stearate. Supplements arrive in BPA-Free, recycled amber bottles that protect from light contamination.
  • PHYSICIAN'S CHOICE - The health care professional's choice for high-quality supplements since 1984. We base our products on the latest wellness research and clinical studies, and use third-party testing for all incoming, in-process, and finished product. Products you can trust, at an exceptional value.
SaleRank No. #4
NOW Supplements, Vitamin B-12 1,000 mcg with Folic Acid, Nervous System Health*, 250 Chewable Lozenges
  • NERVOUS SYSTEM HEALTH*/ESSENTIAL FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION*: Vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) is a water soluble vitamin necessary for the maintenance of a healthy nervous system and for the production of energy from fats and proteins.* Take 1 lozenge daily with a meal. Chew lozenge or hold in mouth until dissolved and swallow.
  • CHEWABLE LOZENGES WITH FOLIC ACID/SUITABLE FOR VEGANS: While B-12 is stored in the liver, dietary sources are of animal origin only (meat and dairy). Therefore, supplementation with B-12 may be especially important for strict vegetarians.
  • CERTIFICATIONS/CLASSIFICATIONS: Vegan/Vegetarian, Kosher, Soy Free, Made without Gluten, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Low Sodium
  • GMP Quality Assured: NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968
SaleRank No. #5
Nature Made Folic Acid 400 mcg (665 mcg DFE) Tablets, 250 Count (Packaging May Vary)
  • Recommended as part of woman's daily regimen for health, stress, mood, and prenatal care
  • Aids in development of nervous system in fetus
  • May play a significant role in heart health
  • Always take in conjunction with B12 supplement
  • No - Preservatives, Color Added, Artificial Flavors and Yeast or Starch. Gluten Free
SaleRank No. #6
Jarrow Formulas Methyl B-12/Methyl Folate and Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P) Lozenges, Supports Brain Health, 100 Count
  • Provides Methyl B-12 plus Methyl Folate and Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate in a Convenient Lozenge Form
  • Supports Brain Cells and Nerve Tissues*
  • Convenient Lozenge Form
  • Methylcobalamin (Methyl B-12) is the Most Bioavailable and Best Utilized Form of Vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 Helps Maintain Brain-Health, Vitality, Levels of Restful Sleep and an Enhanced Mood.*
  • Folate (Vitamin B9) Is Needed to Support Cardiovascular and Neurologic Health and Proper Cell Division*
SaleRank No. #7
NOW Supplements, Methyl Folate 1,000 mcg, Metabolically Active Folate*, Co-Enzyme B Vitamin, 90 Tablets
  • CO-ENZYME B VITAMIN/1,000 mg TABLETS: Methylfolate is the biologically active, naturally occurring form of folate that is used for fundamental body functions like normal cell division and the synthesis of neurotransmitters and DNA.*
  • METABOLICALLY ACTIVE FOLATE*/SUPERIOR BIOAVAILABLITY: Quatrefolic is a patented form of methylfolate that has demonstrated bioavailability superior to that of folate from dietary sources.
  • GMP Quality Assured: NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968
Rank No. #8
Nutricost Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 1000 mcg, 240 Capsules
  • 240 Capsules In Each Bottle
  • 1,000 MCG Per Capsule
  • High Quality Folic Acid
  • Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility
SaleRank No. #10
Nature's Bounty Folic Acid Supplement, Supports Cardiovascular Health, 800mcg, 250 Tablets, 3 Pack
  • Supports heart health.*
  • Important for healthy cell growth.*
  • Supports energy metabolism.*
  • Folic acid intake is important for pregnant women.*
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Rank No. #11
Douglas Laboratories - Methyl Folate (L-5-MTHF) - 1,000 mcg Metafolin Identical to the Naturally Occurring Form of Folate to Support Overall Health - 60 Tablets
  • CONTAINS 5-MTHF: 5-MTHF is the naturally occurring, predominant form of folate commonly found in cells and is essential for overall health, as it participates as a cofactor in a reaction that involves the remethylation of homocysteine to methionine. Metafolin is directly usable by the body and has been shown to be the only form of folate to cross the blood-brain barrier.*
  • ESSENTIAL B VITAMIN:Folate is a water-soluble essential B vitamin found in many foods, including leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits and beans essential for a variety of processes in the body.*
  • VITAMINS/MINERALS/AMINO ACIDS: Dietary supplement formulated to provide valuable support in filling important nutrient gaps in adults.*
Rank No. #12
Bio-Innovations Pharmacal Folic Acid 5mg (Vitamin B9 Folate) 100 Vegan Capsules
  • Folate is an essential nutrient that is involved in the synthesis and metabolism of DNA and certain amino acids. It is especially important during pregnancy and infancy, but is required for proper growth and maintenance of cells throughout life.
  • Research suggests that supplementation with folate may support cardiovascular and bone health by balancing homocysteine metabolism.
  • Provides an essential nutrient for all stages of life.
  • Adequate folate in healthful diets may reduce a woman’s risk of having a child with a brain or spinal cord birth defect.
Rank No. #13
L Methylfolate 1000mcg | 200 Capsules | Value Size | Optimized and Activated | Non-GMO, Gluten Free | Methyl Folate, 5-MTHF | by Opti-Folate
  • Gluten Free, Non-GMO; Free Of Wheat, Yeast, Milk, Lactose, Soy, Artificial Color, Artificial Flavor
  • Each L-Methylfolate capsule provides you with 1000 mcg of this bioavailable form of folic acid
  • This B-complex vitamin supports nervous system health & is involved in neurotransmitter synthesis*
  • Helps maintain levels of homocysteine already within a normal range*
  • Manufactured in a facility that undergoes is GMP certified.
Rank No. #14
Our Daily Vites L-Methylfolate 5 mg / 5000 mcg Maximum Strength Active Folate, 5-MTHF, Filler Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian Capsules 90 Count (3 Month Supply)
  • PURE MAXIMUM STRENGTH - Many supplements contain fillers and other inactive ingredients you just don't need in your supplement. Our Daily Vite's products contain only the purest ingredients, maximizing effectiveness and well-being.*
  • ASSIST IN REPAIR AND DNA SYNTHESIS OF FOLATE* - Inadequate levels of these ingredients have been linked to diseases, our methylfolate may help to prevent the chance of folic acid-related diseases.*
  • SMALLEST (4V) CAPSULE AVAILABLE. COMPACT ON-THE-GO PACKAGING - Since Our Daily Vites' Methylfolates contain no fillers, our 4V capsule size makes it the smallest available Methylfolate capsule on the market and easy to swallow and easy to take on-the-go.
  • 99.9% PURE BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE METHYLFOLATE- Our powerful formula contains the ingredients necessary for your body to properly utilize folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9. PARTY TESTED FOR PURITY - All of our supplements undergo out of house independent testing to guarantee the highest level of purity.
  • THIRD PARTY TESTED FOR PURITY - All of our supplements undergo out of house 3rd party independent testing to guarantee the highest level of purity.
Rank No. #15
Standard Process - Folic Acid B12-180 Tablets
  • Encourages healthy cell production
  • Supports healthy nervous system development
  • Encourages healthy circulation
  • Supports healthy homocysteine levels
  • Standard Process: High-quality products that work the way nature intended
Rank No. #16
Vitamin B12 1000 mcg Methylcobalamin + B6/Folic Acid, 180 Vegan Tablets, Best Supplement to Increase Energy, Enhance Mood, Sharpen Focus and Boost Metabolism*, Organic Supplement Without Additives
  • Advanced B12 Vitamin Supplement – Packed with 1000 mcg of methyl cobalamin per tablet, our formula is fortified with Vitamin B6 (2.5 mg) and Folic Acid (625 mcg) to provide maximum support, bioavailability, and efficiency.
  • Anti-Aging Cellular Support – Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid work together to help protect and revitalize your body at the cellular level by fighting oxidative stress and fortifying daily immune system health.*
  • Faster, More Convenient Bioavailability – Our vegan B12 come in tablet form without a coating, which means they can be swallowed whole, chew, or dissolved under the tongue (sublingual) for the fastest support.
  • Optimized Purity – VISPURA B12 is non-GMO, gluten-free, and doesn’t contain any harmful additives, preservatives, or impurities to ensure a safe, effective daily supplement that supports men and women.
  • Unbeatable Customer Support – VISPURA Vitamin B12 supplements are made in Germany under strict purity guidelines and come backed by responsive and reliable customer service to help ensure your completely satisfaction.
Rank No. #17
MethylPro 5mg L-Methylfolate (30 Capsules) - Professional Strength Active Methyl Folate, 5-MTHF Supplement for Mood, Homocysteine Methylation + Immune Support, Non-GMO + Gluten-Free with No Fillers
  • ARE YOU TAKING THE WRONG KIND OF FOLATE? Approximately half the US population may have difficulty converting folate into its active form. MethylPro is the leading nutraceutical line featuring l-methylfolate, the most active, advanced form for better results.*
  • PURER, FASTER, STRONGER - Many methylfolate products contain mcg or 1mg amounts. MethylPro offers a range of therapeutic doses in their fastest, most potent form for a difference you can feel. No fillers or excipients like bulking agents.*
  • BRAIN & MOOD SUPPORT - Methylfolate is important for the production of neurotransmitters involved in concentration, sleep, energy, hormones and mood stability. This is the only form of folate to cross the blood-brain-barrier.*
  • PROMOTES CARDIOVASCULAR & NERVE HEALTH - May help promote heart health & healthy peripheral nerve function by supporting already healthy homocysteine levels and nitric oxide production.*
  • NO FILLERS - MethylPro never uses fillers or excipients like bulking agents, glues, or binders. The only additional ingredient is the amino acid glycine. This product is non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, dairy, eggs, and nuts. Take only as directed under the supervision of a Physician.*
Rank No. #19
GNC Folic Acid 800mcg, 100 Vegetarian Tablets, Supports Healthy Fetal Development
  • FOR MOM & BABY: Supports healthy fetal development
  • BLOOD CELL SUPPORT: Required for proper red blood cell formation
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE: Adequate folate in healthful diets may reduce a woman's risk of having a child with a brain or spinal cord defect
  • Kosher
  • No sugar, no starch, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, sodium free, no wheat, gluten free, no corn, no soy, no dairy
SaleRank No. #20
Methyl Folate 1000 mcg | 200 Capsules | 5-MTHF | Folic Acid Supplement | Non-GMO, Gluten Free Methylfolate | by Horbaach
  • ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT: Methyl Folate is the active, more bioavailable form of the B-Vitamin Folic Acid
  • CONVENIENT FORM: Delivers 1000 mcg of this important nutrient in Quick-Release capsules
  • EXPERTLY CRAFTED: Specially formulated supplement derived from high-quality sourcing standards
  • HORBAACH MANUFACTURERS: Laboratory Tested, Trusted Ingredients, Superior Quality, 100% Guaranteed!
  • NATURALLY FREE OF: Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Milk, Lactose, Soy, Artificial Color & Flavoring & NON-GMO

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