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Top 10 Coq9 Marine Phytoplankton 5000 of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews

Rank No. #1
Marine Phytoplankton – Potent SuperFood – All-in-one Health/Nutritional Supplement –Rich in Vegan Omega 3 EPA– Boosts Energy and Improves Overall Health – Comes in a Pack of 90 Capsules
  • POTENT SUPERFOOD – Marine Phytoplankton, also called the Jewel of the ocean, is a single-celled aquatic organism which is originally derived from ocean, on which the survival of 99% of all life forms on Earth depends. Being rich in minerals, Omega 3, COQ 9, essential amino acids, DHA, EPA, carotenoids, antioxidants, nucleic acids and necessary vitamins, it is one of the most potent superfoods you've ever heard about, which can help you meet majority of your daily nutrition needs
  • SUPERIOR WITH EXCELLENT HEALTH BENEFITS – Unlike Chlorella and Spirulina which grow in fresh water, Marine Phytoplankton grows in pure salty water and contains an exclusive array of minerals and nutritional elements otherwise difficult to find. The presence of potent antioxidants helps effectively eliminate cell-damaging free radicals and it also naturally boosts. energy and performance of your immune system. It is the nutrient dense Wholefood supplement everyone needs!
  • LIVE SMARTLY, STAY HEALTHY – This superfood helps in keeping up your top-to-toe health, right from Cell Regeneration, Brain and heart health, liver and other important organs of your body. This incredible health supplement also results in natural detoxification, improved cognitive health, better digestive system, and a healthier skin – thus eliminating the need to consume several hundreds of supplements everyday, as this all-in-one supplement is here.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – Mr. Ros Marine Phytoplankton is cultivated under strictly controlled environment, just pure Marine Phytoplankton. Independent laboratory tests confirm the high quality, and high Omega 3 and COQ9 content of our Marine Phytoplankton capsules.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We also offer you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with the quality and effectiveness of our premium quality Single Strain Nutritional supplement and will get back to us regularly to get more of it. Each bottle contains 90 capsules which are sufficient for 1-2 months of consumption.
Rank No. #2
Vegan Omega 3 Supplement - Plant Based DHA & EPA Fatty Acids Alternative to Fish Oil - Supports Heart, Brain, Joint Health - Sustainably Sourced from Algae. Fish Oil Free for Men & Women - 60 Softgels
  • VEGAN OMEGA 3 SUPPLEMENT - Sapling Omega-3 is sourced from algae. Fish get their DHA and EPA by consuming algae, as it is one of the planets primary food sources. We believe fish should be kept out of it and that going straight to the source is the smarter and more sustainable option. Our algae is not harvested from an ocean but sustainably grown in United States on a farm. This allows us to control for purity and quality that can’t be controlled in the ocean
  • BIOAVAILABLE DHA AND EPA - Our Algae Omega 3 contains a total of 500mg of Omega-3s, 300mg DHA, and 150mg EPA per serving. Other plant oils, such as flaxseed oil, don’t contain DHA or EPA. DHA And EPA are naturally occurring in algae oil.
  • BRAIN, HEART, JOINT SUPPORT: Omega-3’s have been shown to support heart, brain, joint, and immune system health. DHA may assist with cognition for clarity and focus.
  • ONE BOTTLE, ONE TREE – We take the environment seriously. Thats why for each bottle we sell, one tree is planted.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Our algae is grown in the United States. Additionally, it is bottled and manufactured in the United States.
Rank No. #3
Ayush Herbs Multi (Multivitamin), Optimal Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants and Minerals in a Massive Formulation, Activated B Vitamins, Black Pepper Extract and Bioflavonoids, Chelated Minerals for Maximum Absorption, Doctor Formulated & Recommended, 90 Count
  • Just 2 capsules per day for complete nutritional support
  • Chelated minerals for superior absorption
  • Black pepper extract and bioflavonoids for increased absorption
  • A comprehensive formulation of 25 vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and herbs
Rank No. #4
NOW Supplements, Magnesium Citrate, Enzyme Function, Nervous System Support, 120 Veg Capsules
  • CRITICAL FOR ENZYME FUNCTION*: It is a required cofactor for an estimated 300 enzymes.* Among the reactions catalyzed by these enzymes are fatty acid synthesis, protein synthesis, and glucose metabolism.*
  • CLASSIFICATIONS/CERTIFICATIONS: Kosher, Vegan, Soy Free, Keto Friendly, Non-GMO, Halal
  • GMP Quality Assured: NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968.
  • SUPPORTS ENERGY PRODUCTION*: Magnesium is a mineral that is critical for energy production and metabolism, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and bone mineralization.*
Rank No. #5
Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder 17.6 Oz | Wild-Caught Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides | Type 1 & 3 Collagen Protein Supplement | Amino Acids for Skin, Hair, Nails | Paleo Friendly, Non-GMO
  • HIGHEST QUALITY & GREAT PRICE Amandean Marine Collagen Peptides are sourced from wild-caught fish in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. Unflavored, easy to mix, and enzymatically processed to keep the peptides intact. Single ingredient from a transparent and sustainable source.
  • AGE GRACEFULLY Packed with natural glycine, known as the “anti-aging amino”, supports smooth clear skin, strong nails, and full shiny hair. Help clear up skin problems with natural pescatarian nutrition. Collagen protein has similar benefits as bone broth.
  • HEAL YOUR BODY FROM THE INSIDE We need a collagen supplement to replace that which is lost as we age. After 30, our collagen levels start to drop by 1.5% per year. A gut friendly protein that supports a healthy metabolism, muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, cartilage.
  • DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS Beware of collagen hydrolysate made from farm raised fish that are packed full of hormones and antibiotics. Our fish gelatin is hydrolyzed to a low 3000 Dalton molecular weight for maximum bioavailability. Compare our container, which is 500g = 1.1lbs = 17.6oz. Who said size doesn’t matter?
  • 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Fuel your workouts. Heal your body. Look your best. 100% pure fish collagen, a great alternative to beef collagen or to whey protein.
SaleRank No. #6
NaturalSlim Somarenew Marine Phytoplankton Supplement (Omega 3) with Fulvic Acid - Superfood & Complete Nutritional Capsule - Helps with Metabolism, Energy & Overall Health - 180 Capsules
  • 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗨𝗟𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗘 𝗦𝗨𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗙𝗢𝗢𝗗 - The presence of potent antioxidants in Marine Phytoplankton helps effectively eliminate cell-damaging free radicals and it also naturally boosts energy and performance of your immune system.
  • 𝗖𝗘𝗟𝗟𝗨𝗟𝗔𝗥 𝗟𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗟 𝗡𝗨𝗧𝗥𝗜𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗦 - Extremely absorbable bursting with nanosized nutrient particles that activates the metabolism of all the cells of the body and triggers the process of natural detoxification.
  • 𝗘𝗙𝗙𝗘𝗖𝗧𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗕𝗜𝗡𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝗙𝗢𝗥 𝗪𝗘𝗜𝗚𝗛𝗧 𝗟𝗢𝗦𝗦 - The unique combination of marine phytoplankton and and black fulvic acid are extremely valuable for maximizing the metabolism energy, detoxification, and restoration capacity of the body.
  • 𝗕𝗘𝗧𝗧𝗘𝗥 𝗢𝗩𝗘𝗥𝗔𝗟𝗟 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗟𝗧𝗛 - Helps in keeping up your top-to-toe health right from cell regeneration, brain and heart health, liver and other important organs of your body; improve cognitive health, support better digestive system, and a healthier skin.
  • 𝗬𝗢𝗨 𝗖𝗔𝗡 𝗧𝗥𝗨𝗦𝗧 𝗨𝗦 - Used by over 25,000 people worldwide proven to be very efficient in improving the metabolism. Our system is based on the discoveries made by metabolism specialist, Frank Suarez, as described in his book "The Power of Your Metabolism".
Rank No. #7
MicroLife Bio-Matrix (7-1-3) Professional Grade Liquid Organic Biological Fertilizer, 1 Gallon
  • PROFESSIONAL ONE-OF-A-KIND LIQUID FERTILIZER AND BIO-INOCULANT: Provides over 70+ minerals, vitamins, natural plant hormones, natural plant stimulators, essential sugars , amino acids, carbon, protein and 39 beneficial organisms
  • COMPREHENSIVE PLANT/SOIL NUTRITIONAL SYSTEM: Stimulates growth, enhances plant vigor and revitalizes soil biology
  • COMPLETELY ORGANIC AND SAFE FOR ALL BENEFICIAL LIFE FORMS: 100% natural release and will not burn
  • FAST ACTING: readily absorbed through plant leaves and roots, encourages the growth of positive soil and leaf microorganisms
  • MANUFACTURED FOR OVER 30 YEARS: All products are made in small batches from top quality ingredients under strict quality control. All ingredients are honestly listed on the packages. Favored by organic growers, co-ops, landscape professionals and universities.
Rank No. #9
Activation Products Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton - Pure Phytoplankton Supplement Boosts Mind and Energy - Ultimate Contaminant Free Superfood, 30ml
  • Oceans Alive is the ultimate superfood. A premium blend of two specially cultivated, hand-selected marine phytoplankton strains.
  • Grown in a photobioreactor, our marine phytoplankton is completely pure and free of contaminants. The nutrient density of this microalgae provides you with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids; the building blocks of good health.
  • Oceans Alive must be capped and stored at regular room temperature in a dry place out of direct sunlight. When stored properly, Oceans Alive will remain fresh for 36 months. No need to refrigerate.
  • Blend of marine phytoplankton in a purified concentrated macro and trace mineral solution.
  • What is Marine Phytoplankton? Marine phytoplankton is a species of microalgae that grows in the ocean. There are more than 43,000 known and identified strains in existence and an estimated 200,000 or more in total. Oceans Alive contains two strains, carefully selected to find the best match for the human nutritional profile.
Rank No. #10
Healthy Origins EpiCor (Clinically Proven Immune Support) 500 mg, 1Pack (150 Vcap Each )
  • ✔️ *** Please notify us directly of any concerns with copyright, trademarks, or patents. We take it very seriously and will immediately remove any listings simply by contacting us through our store. We do not manufacture this product and only sources from reputable and 100% verified suppliers whom have valid invoices.**
SaleRank No. #11
Marine Collagen Peptides. Hydrolyzed Protein Powder for Joints, Skin, Hair, Nails & Digestion - Made in Canada
  • SUPER-PREMIUM: We only use the best ingredients. Our Marine Collagen is sourced from Wild-Caught deep Sea fish from Canada. We only use the Fish Skin, which is naturally rich in Collagen, and not the cheaper fish scales.
  • ENHANCED RESULTS: Collagen peptides are available in various sizes. Our collagen peptide is an industry leading micro-particle size. This leads to enhanced absorption with more effective, extensive results. It is also gentler on the gut.
  • YOUTHFUL SKIN, BEAUTIFUL HAIR, JOINT FLEXIBILITY: Supports skin tone and elasticity, giving skin a radiant youthful appearance. Nourishes the hair follicle. Repairs and replenishes the collagen in cartilage, tendons and bones for superior joint flexibility and bone strength.
  • WHICH IS BEST, COLLAGEN TYPE 1, 2, 3 OR MULTI? A commonly asked question which confuses so many of our customers. The short answer is - there is absolutely no difference. The quality of Peptides and absorbability are more important than Collagen Types. (See our description for the long comprehensive scientific answer!).
  • SUSTAINABLE: We only source fish from stock that is regulated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada) and NOAA Fisheries (USA), which ensure sustainable stock levels, habitat health and permitted fishing methods.
Rank No. #12
Phytoceramides 350mg Made with Clinically Proven Lipowheat® | Plant Derived and GMO Free with No Fillers or Synthetic Vitamins - 30 Liquid softgels
  • BENEFITS: Phytoceramides are the plant derived equivalent of ceramides proven the hydrate the skin from the inside out.
  • PREMIUM: With Lipowheat 350, the only patent Phytoceramide supplement supported by multiple clinical studies.*
  • QUALITY: Non-GMO Verifed and formulated Without Hexane, Soy, Artificial Colorings, Stearates Or Titanium Dioxide.*
  • GLUTEN FREE: Lipowheat is produced through a solvent-free, supercritical extraction process that eliminates nearly all of the gluten. FDA has proposed a "gluten free" definition as anything below 20 ppm. While the label does carry a gluten allergy statement, Lipowheat's gluten content is below 20 ppm*
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All Sports Research (SR) products come with a 90 day Money Back Guarantee- See below for details.^
Rank No. #13
Solaray Phytoestrogen Supplement, 240 Count
  • Contains Mexican yam, black cohosh, soy and dong quai which have all been shown to support healthy hormone levels
  • Prevents symptoms such hot flashes and mood swings
  • Proven to help with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) such as cramps, bloating and fatigue
Rank No. #14
Marine Phytoplankton Powder Raw Omega 3 EPA Vegan ATP Energy Superfood 100 Grams (3.52 oz)
  • MOST PURE MARINE PHYTOPLANKON AVAILABLE: 100% Pure Freeze-Dried, Marine Phytoplankton Grown Organically. Our MP is not grown in the open ocean due to pollution concerns, instead this product is grown under controlled, purified conditions in the European Union (The Netherlands)
  • THE MOST POWER PACKED SUPERFOOD: Complete Protein (50%) Chlorophyll EPA (Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids) Phospholipids (which aid the absorption of EPA and other Omega 3's) Vitamins Minerals Beta-Carotene Zeaxanthin Violaxanthin, Antheraxanthin, Vaucheriaxanthin (Potent Antioxidants) The EPA in Phytoplankton is better absorbed than fish oils because they can more easily cross the blood/brain barrier in your brain
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Every batch of our Marine Phytoplankton is tested for impurities and heavy metals (view the results in the pictures). High Quality Packaging used to preserve freshness and potency (Re-closeable, BPA FREE, HDPE Zipper Bag)
  • SHIPS FAST! Ships out within 1 day and Free Priority Mail Upgrade!
  • GREAT VALUE! All of our products are backed by our 60-day, no questions asked money back guarantee and world-class customer service!
SaleRank No. #15
Umac-Core Marine Phytoplankton Capsules, 90 Count
  • Our best formula yet
  • Made with your desires in mind
  • The finest products for the finest results
SaleRank No. #16
Marine Collagen Complex, with Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10, Vitamins C & E, Zinc, 180 Capsules | Peptides for Joints, Skin & Bones | by Zenement
  • 180 CAPSULES of MARINE COLLAGEN COMPLEX, with premium Collagen NatiCol, for Joints, Skin and Bones
  • DOCTOR ENHANCED FORMULA with Ingredients per dose (2 capsules): Hydrolized Marine Collagen NatiCol (Fish) 900mg, Hyaluronic Acid (as Sodium Hyaluronate) 50mg, Coenzyme Q10 30mg, Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) 80mg (100% NRV*), Vitamin E (dl-alpha Tocopheryl acetate) 12mg (100% NRV*), Zinc (as Zinc Citrate) 10mg (100% NRV*). Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Rice Starch, Gelatin Capsule.*NRV: Nutrient Reference Value.
  • We use non-GMO ingredients and no additives, such as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide or titanium dioxide. Free from gluten, lactose, soya, yeast, sweeteners, artificial flavours and colours.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made in Europe following the strictest quality and safety controls, and using the purest ingredients. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back!
Rank No. #17
American Marine Selcon 60 mL
  • Excellent for soaking freeze-dried foods.
  • A must for filter-feeding invertebrates.
  • Boosts the nutritional value of live brine shrimp.
  • Omega-3 HUFA, Vitamin B12 and pure stabilized Vitamin C.
Rank No. #18
CoQ10 Enhanced with Organic Coconut Oil and Bioperine (Black Pepper) ~ Vegan Certified and Non-GMO Verified (30 Veggie Softgels)
  • BENEFITS: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a fat-soluble, vitamin-like compound produced naturally in your body. Found in nearly every cell in the body, CoQ10 is concentrated in organs that require the most energy.*
  • FEATURING: Our CoQ10 is blended with Bioperine (Black Pepper) and Organic Coconut Oil
  • DOSAGE: Although no formal recommendations exist from professional organizations for CoQ10 supplementation, most physicians recommend 100-400 mg/day.*
  • QUALITY: Non-GMO Project Verified & Vegan Certified. Manufactured in a cGMP certified facility in CA.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All SR vitamins and supplements come with a 90 day money back guarantee. See below for details.^
SaleRank No. #19
Marine Essentials- Marine D3"Improved Capsule Formula" Super Antioxidant Omega 3 Anti-Aging Calamari Seanol-P DHA (60 Capsules)
  • 60 POTENT DHA OMEGA 3 CALAMARI CAPSULES: Marine-D3 Omega 3 is fast-acting and vegetarian-friendly; no other fish oil supplements have our unique ingredients
  • UNIQUE ANTIOXIDANT FORMULA: Proprietary formula, U.S.-made blend with Calamari and Seanol-P DHA supplements for brain health may help memory and learning
  • FIGHT FREE RADICALS: Repair cells and protect against damage with a superior DHA omega 3 dietary supplement for total body health that targets vision, brain, artery and skin tissues
  • ACTIVE ANTI AGING SUPPLEMENTS: Brown seaweed extract boosts omega 3 advanced support for reduced inflammation, joint flexibility and healthy blood pressure that promote increased energy and active lifestyles
Rank No. #20
NOW Supplements, Blood Pressure Health with MegaNatural®-BP™, Cardiovascular Support*, 90 Veg Capsules
  • Help Maintain Blood Pressure Already Within the Healthy Range*
  • Take 1 capsule 1 to 2 times daily
  • UL Dietary Supplement Certification;GMP;Non-GMO
  • GMP Quality Assured: NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968

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