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Top 10 Co2 Reactor Aquarium of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews

Rank No. #1
Sera Flore Active CO2 Reactor 500 - Small 66-160 Gal
  • Top range performance CO2 reactor for complete dissolving of CO2
  • For internal or external mounting to water pump (Hose size: OD 5/8" ID 1/2")
  • Dissolves 500 to 1000 CO2 bubbles/min depending on model
  • Features easy installation and cleaning
  • Made of acrylic with brackets, suction cups and hose connectors with fastener
Rank No. #2
NilocG Aquatics | Intense Atomic Inline Co2 Atomizer Diffuser for Planted Aquariums Tanks (16/22mm(5/8") Tubing)
  • Please be sure to choose the right size. This will fit tubing with 5/8" inside diameter(16mm).
  • Super fine and high rate of CO2 diffusion , Total 100% dissolution in water
  • Inline design for use with canister filters
  • Simple install, mounted below or directly to aquarium
  • This easy to use, discreet CO2 diffuser provides professional quality and value. It mounts inline with canister filters with an inner diameter of 16mm (5/8”) and outer diameter of 22mm (7/8”). It produces an ultra fine mist with an average bubble size of less than 0.1mm in diameter.
Rank No. #3
Gulfstream Tropical AGU00529 Ista Max Mix Co2 Reactor for Aquarium, Large
  • MOST EFFICIENT: The Max Mix Reactor will dissolve 100% CO2 into the water.  Patented impeller design completely eliminates the CO2 bubbles
  • EASY ASSEMBLY:  No tools required for setting it up.  Diagram set up instructions printed on side of box illustrates exact position of reactor
  • COMPACT:  Makes it easy to fit exactly where you need it, internally or externally
  • DURABLE:  Resistant to acidity and impact.  Easy to clean and simple to maintain
  • Large size is designed for pumps from 250 to 500 GPH
Rank No. #4
ISTA I-539 External Reactor
  • For 158 to 264gph, Flow Rate (600-1000 L/H)
  • Patented impeller design, completely crushes CO2 bubbles
  • Compact size for saving space, suitable to set external or internal
  • Durable material for preventing deformation and acid resistant
  • Easy to clean, and simple to maintain
Rank No. #5
ISTA Turbo CO2 Reactor Diffuser 12/16mm External for Aquarium Plants Atomizer ph
  • ●Assure great CO2 dissolution into the water.
  • ●Compact and simple in installation.
  • ● used either externally. For 12/16mm Filter hose For 4/6mm co2 tube
  • For 4/6mm co2 tube (Does not contain)
Rank No. #6
Sera Flore Active CO2 Reactor 1000 - Large Over 160 Gal
  • Top range performance CO2 reactor for complete dissolving of CO2
  • For internal or external mounting to water pump
  • Dissolves 500 to 1000 CO2 bubbles/min depending on model
  • Features easy installation and cleaning
  • Made of acrylic with brackets, suction cups and hose connectors with fastener
Rank No. #7
ISTA Co2 Reactor & Planted Aquarium Surface Film Skimmer - Powered Surfclear Fish Tank Filter
  • Light and compact surface skimmer with pump action. Reduce surface organism film
  • Dissolve CO2 with best diffusing rate
  • Flow rate: 105 GPH
  • Energy efficient 4W pump
  • Great for freshwater planted aquariums
Rank No. #8
Wyin CO2 Generator for Plants Aquarium DIY CO2 Kit Pressurized Injection System with Bubble Counter Full Metal
  • Full Set of CO2 DIY System for Aquarium Plants: You can create your planted tank CO2 supply system with it easily. You only need prepare 2 carbonated beverage bottles and the raw material (citric acid and bicarbonate of soda). Fully compatible with our 12V mini waterproof solenoid valve(not included in kit), adjust the CO2 output volume one time and use it in synchronization with lights by the smart plug to build your automatic CO2 system easily!
  • Easy to Use and Cost Effective: Now you can create your DIY CO2 generator at low cost. This CO2 system can create a continuous supply of pure carbon dioxide by causing two different raw material liquids together. It is a cost-effective and satisfying way to provide the daily essential carbon dioxide for your aquarium plant.
  • Safe and Durable: Automatic relief when pressure>4KG (carbonated beverage bottle can bear 8KG pressure) to prevent bottle explosion, you can also relief pressure manually, excellent safety performance. Full aluminum alloy main body design with hard oxidation treatment, alloy bottle caps avoid from bursting, extra durable.
  • Specialized aquarium low pressure gauge, accuracy: 0.02 MPa. Adopted full copper needle valve fine-tune regulator to ensure the accuracy, precise adjustment of CO2 ouput volume. Upper opening removable trim valve, easy to clean even if the regulator is clogged inside. Full aluminum alloy precise check valve bubble counter, totally avoid the danger of plastic thread parts broken because softening.
  • FAQ: ♥Gauge Does Not Work - It need sufficient pressure (Mini. 1kg/cm2) to start working. ♥No Magnet in Kit - Magnet's function is lift the floater to prevent inject excessive acid into soda bottle in short time because turn on valve too large. This KIT use copper needle fine-tune regulator valve, can precisely adjust the trim valve to control the CO2 output. No need magnet! (it still can work with magnet) ♥Please watch the guide video before installation. Link:
Rank No. #9
Two Little Fishies ATLPBR150 GFO PhosBan Reactor 150
  • Capacity: Use with up to a maximum of 200 grams (385 ml) of PhosBan, or a media height of 5 inches (13 cm)
  • Aquarium size: One reactor for up to 150 gallons (568 Liters). Multiple reactors may be used for larger aquariums.
  • Recommended flow rate: ca. 20 - 30 gal/hr (75 - 115 l/hr) . Too much flow can grind PhosBan
  • Connection for hoses 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) i.d. The inlet and outlet flexible 90° fittings rotate to suit your installation
Rank No. #10
AQUATOP MR-20 Multimedia Reactor with Pump
  • Includes Aquatop's SWP-230 adjustable flow water pump and sediment discharge filter
  • Ready to use with a pump and all the necessary plumbing
  • Up-flow filtration maximizes filter media efficiency
  • Easy to remove lid with recessed o-ring
  • Intake and output tubing included
Rank No. #11
Yagote CO2 Diffuser Glass Reactor with U Shape Connecting Tube for Pollen Aquarium Plants Tank(CO2 Diffuser-Small Flat-Bottomed)
  • FUNCTION: This CO2 diffuser can create rich CO2 to provide aquarium plants with the carbon dioxide they need and ensure the nutrition and health of hydrophytes. The CO2 diffuser will supply aquarium plants a friendly living environment.v
  • HIGH QUALITY & HIGH PERFORMANCE: The ceramic diffuser disc of this co2 diffuser has atomic pores on its surface, which can produce fine bubbles that rise slowly and ensure efficient diffusion of carbon dioxide in the aquarium. U-shape connecting tube can avoid blockage of CO2 flow. And the co2 diffuser is made of high quality glass materials, so it can not be easily broken or damaged.
  • PRACTICAL AND CONVENIENT. With the suction cup(included), it is easy to install and operate the co2 diffuser and can fix on the aquarium firmly. You can also adjust the position easily. The glass reactor is compatible with pressurized tanks between 30-50 US gallons. Diameter: 4cm/1.6inch.
  • DELICATE DESIGN: This co2 diffuser has high transparency. The fine, see-through glass is blended in the environment of aquarium, which can create a sense of harmony and unity. What’s more, the cylindrical shape and smooth lines contribute to slowing down water speed to help dissolve CO2 effectively.
  • PACKAGE AND SERVICE: 1x CO2 Diffuser, 1x U Shape Tube, 2 x Suction Cups. We try to guarantee that the co2 diffuser you receive is complete. If there is any problem, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will send you a new item.
Rank No. #12
Aquarium Equip CO2 Turbo-Jet Reactor Diffuser Atomizer 15-150gal Tank
  • TURBO+JET Co2 REACTOR (co2 Diffuser) x1
  • Suitable for tanks 15 - 120 gal (60L - 480L)
Rank No. #13
CO2 Generator System Carbon Dioxide Reactor Kit with Auto Valve and Diffuser for Plants Aquarium Greenhouse Grow Tent Grow House
  • Professional CO2 generator system with stainless steel bottle, far better than simple plastic bottle generators: more reliable, steady, durable, efficient.
  • You can use the solenoid valve with a timer to synchronize with the light. Also we have a manual version, you can search for it with keywords WuyouChy CO2 Generator.
  • The bottle body adopts SUS304 stainless steel, and the Safety Valve will open automatically when it is over the safe pressure.
  • All accessories (except reactant) you need are included: Steel Bottle, Tertiary Filter, Pressure Reducing Valve, Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve, Fine Adjusting Valve, Bubble Device, Solenoid Valve, Check Valve, Diffuser and Tube. Also you can get extra accessories and replacement parts (Solenoid Valve, Stand Base, Main Valve, Diffuser) by searching WuyouChy.
  • [Tips: ]1, To avoid regulator threads sticked to tank threads, clean their threads before refilling and use a funnel. 2, Large amount of CO2 may cause fish dead. It is recommended to reduce the CO2 volume at the beginning, 1 or 2 bubbles per second. One reaction can last for 3 to 4 weeks.
Rank No. #14
Aquarium Choice 6 Pieces CO2 DIY Reactor Bottle Cap Fish Tank DIY Quick Twist co2 Bottle Cap with 118 INCH Long Hoses
  • Aquarium Choice 6 pieces CO2 DIY reactor bottle cap Fish Tank DIY Quick Twist Bottle Cap with 118 INCH long hoses
  • Our product contains 6 pieces CO2 diy reactor bottle cap and 118 INCH long hoses.
  • The 6 pieces CO2 diy reactor bottle cap is made of high quality plastic material which will not create harmful material for fish and plant and the 118 Inch hoses is silicone material which also is no harm for fish and plant.
  • The 6 pieces co2 diy reactor bottle cap can be connected with the hoses with 4mm inner diameter and 6mm outer diameter
  • The 118 inch long hoses'inner diameter is 4mm and the outer diameter is 6mm.You can use the hoses to conncet to the co2 bottle cap and do not need to order hoses from others.
Rank No. #15
Glass Co2 Drop Checker with 4dkh/PH Solution | Quickest, Most Accurate & Easiest to Use | NilocG Aquatics | Glass Co2 Drop Checker with 4dKH/Ph Reagent Most Accurate Monitoring of Your Co2 Levels
  • WHY SHOULD YOU PURCHASE THIS DROP CHECKER AND INDICATOR SOLUTION: The biggest reason is that it comes with 4dKH fluid and ph reagent PRE-MIXED. If you aren’t using 4dkh fluid your reading is very unlikely to be accurate. Second this drop checker is very easy to use and fill. No need for syringes and other items, the indicator solution comes with a flip top bottle for extremely easy use.
  • IMPORTANT- MUST READ- It is very important to use 4dkh fluid and ph reagent in your Co2 drop checker. If your drop checker directs you to use tank water then it will not be accurate and you will not have a good idea of what the actual co2 levels are. If your co2 drop checker doesnt list 4dkh fluid then assume you dont have it. Its a must have for optimum accuracy!!!!!!!
  • Highest Quality Co2 Drop Checker With 4dKH/PH solution. Monitoring co2 levels in your planted aquarium is very important for the health of your plants and fish. This kit is complete with everything that you will need. It includes: High quality drop checker, suction cup, 60ml bottle of 4dkh/ph reagent solution.
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO USE CO2 DROP CHECKER- To use simply fill the drop checker half way with the Co2 Indicator Solution. Place suction cup on the drop checker and place in your planted tank. Wait 2 hours to read Co2 levels.
  • HOW TO READ CO2 DROP CHECKER- When your co2 is off the drop checker solution will be a deep blue color. After co2 has been on for around 2 hours you should notice the color change. Optimal co2 concentration will be at 30ppm which will be a green-light green color. If it remains blue your co2 is too low. If the color turns yellow then your levels are too high and may harm your fish. USE THE COLOR CHART ON THE SIDE OF THE CO2 INDICATOR SOLUTION or ON THE PRODUCT INSERT-
Rank No. #16
DGZZI CO2 DIY Reactor Bottle Cap 2PCS Aquarium Carbon Dioxide System Pro Tube Valve Guage Bottle Cap Kit Fish Tank Live Plant DIY Air Diffuser Generator Tool Part Kit
  • This CO2 bottle cap is suitable for most DIY reactors.
  • Easy to use. Just screw the cap onto the beverage bottle. Easy to seal without letting air escape.
  • Plastic material keeps the cap from rusting and is safe for fish and aquatic plants.
  • If your aquarium / fish tank waterweed grows slowly and needs more carbon dioxide, this bottle cap can help you.
  • With 2 holes, you can add test tubes and other tools, such as a bubble counter or other tools to help you understand and control the process.
Rank No. #17
Aquarium Inline Co2 Atomizer Diffuser for Planted Aquarium
  • Fits tubing 16mm to 22mm
  • Less stuff in display tank! more room for your fish and plants
  • Way more efficiency than intank diffuser, extremely low co2 lost
  • Microbubble, allows plants to easily absorb CO2 to perform photosynthesis
  • Suggestion: you should have your co2 on 1 hour before light
Rank No. #18
JARDLI Glass Inline CO2 Atomizer Diffuser System for Aquarium Planted Tank (13mm for 12/16mm (1/2" i.d.) Hose)
  • Enhance CO2 dissolution via turbulent mixing, increasing the saturation of CO2 in the aquarium ecosystem
  • Creates a fine mist of CO2 to further enhance plant absorption and growth
  • Inline mounting reduces photosynthetic algae growth on diffuser disc when placed away from direct light
  • The inline diffuser is designed to be installed inline in the outflow tubing of the canister filter, either below the aquarium or mounted to the outside of your aquarium glass
  • Fits canister filter tubing size 12/16mm (1/2'' inside diameter)
SaleRank No. #19
QANVEE Fluidized Moving Bed Filter Bubble Bio Media Reactor for Aquarium Fish Tank with Air Stone and Sponge Filter (LH-600)
  • Self Cleaning Filter Media constantly moving around and rub against each other only letting the strongest nitrifying bacterla survive
  • Simply Hook up to an Air Pump and getting all the benefits of oxygen in the water and a super charged biofilter.
  • Oxygen Rich Water combined with strong nitrifying bacterla handle large amounts of ammonia and nitrite compare to other type of filter
  • Easy to Remove Intake Sponge provides additional physical filteration
  • Comes with Enough Media similiar to K1 micro will float at first and start tumbling in a few days,Perfect filter to fill with any other media you might want.
Rank No. #20
TAAM Rio 200 Power Surface Skimmer and Co2+ Reactor with Magnet Mount
  • 138 gallon per hour pump
  • For aquarium up to 36" long
  • Magnet mount included
  • Easy to use

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