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Top 10 Chrysanthemum Green Tea of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews

Rank No. #1
3g X 10pcs Honeysuckle chrysanthemum tea Health Flower Tea Can Use with Chrysanthemum Tea China Green Food jinyinhua
  • Specifications: 3G * 10PCS. Storage:sealed, cool, dry, store in a dark ventilated place.Shelf life:12 months after opening the need to drink is completed as soon as possible.
  • Honeysuckle chrysanthemum tea eliminate late at night, eating disorders, stomach fire work pressure caused by swelling of the gums, bad breath, dry mouth, sore throat, colds lit helpful.
  • Honeysuckle chrysanthemum tea Sooner or later a cup of chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle, easily solve your troubles.Bleeding gums, lips chapped, red red eyes, sore throat, dry mouth, bad breath, then you get angry!
  • Honeysuckle chrysanthemum tea sweet, cold, with detoxification, sparse Lee throat, refreshing Chufan. Heat treatable disease, influenza, acute tonsillitis, periodontitis and other diseases.
  • Brewing method:1:Bring some fresh, tea bag water to a boil.2:For hot tea, place one Tazo tea bag in your cup, mug or gourd.3:Pour 8 fl oz of water over the tea bag.4:Steep black teas and herbal infusions 5 minutes;Green teas for 86 minutes; If iced tea is your desire, steep normally, and then pour over ice.
Rank No. #2
Foojoy Chrysanthemum Lungching Green Tea 100 Tea Bags (Pack of 1)
  • Foojoy Chrysanthemum Lungching Green Tea 100 Tea Bags (Pack of 1)
Rank No. #3
ELITEA 4.2oz Top Grade Dried Chrysanthemum Flower Buds Tea Loose Leaf Herbal Tea 100% Fragrant Natural
  • ELITEA Embryo Chrysanthemum is from Tongxiang, Zhejiang, where embryo chrysanthemum originated. Hand-picked fine Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum buds only.
  • Small and tight White Chrysanthemum buds, even size of each flower, soft and pleasant fragrant. Bright and golden yellow infusion with mildly sweet flavor and an herbal honey note.
  • Chrysanthemum improves the function of livers and eye sights, detoxify our body. If you’re allergic to daisies or ragweed, you might also be allergic to chrysanthemum. Definitely stop consuming it if you have a reaction like a skin rash or respiratory irritation.
  • Perfect to drink hot or iced. Great to make chrysanthemum iced tea in summer, refreshing and healthy.
  • Net weight: 120g. Shelf Life: 24 Months Storage: Keep in a airtight container. Best to keep in refrigerator. Keep away from high temperature, sunlight, moisture and abnormal taste.
Rank No. #4
Green Defense - Organic Green Tea Bags, Loose Leaf, 15 Biodegradable Pyramid Bags, Premium Artisan Quality, Powerful Anti-oxidant, No Flavoring, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Blend of Jasmine Tea and Chrysanthemum
  • EXQUISITE & FRAGRANT - An invigorating blend with unparalleled fragrance that stimulates your senses while supporting overall wellness
  • LARGE LEAF JASMINE GREEN TEA WITH CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWER - With abundant jasmine character and healthful Chrysanthemum flowers, which has been used in China for thousands of years as a daily beverage to promote healthy well being
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Only organic and pure ingredients, as nature intended. It is not possible to wash tea before brewing, so it is important to make sure the ingredients are free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals before they reach the cup
  • NO FLAVORINGS – Do not contain flavorings or artificial ingredients of any kind
  • BIODEGRADABLE PYRAMID TEA BAGS - Allowing optimal brew without the sacrifice of convenience and extra burden on mother Earth
Rank No. #5
Japanese Chrysanthemum Flower Kiku Tea Set Ceramic Teapot with Rattan Handle and 4 Tea Cups (White)
  • SIZE AND WHAT'S INCLUDED - This beautiful Japanese Tea Set comes with one 20 oz teapot, 4 teacups and tea strainer. The teapot measures approximately 4"W x 6"L x 4"H and teacup 3"H x 2.25"W x 2.25"L. Made in China
  • PERFECT FOR TEA - Whether you like Japanese Green Tea or other types of tea, finding the right teapot and cups is important. This teapot features a durable rattan handle that makes pouring easy and the matching cups are a delight for drinking
  • AUSPICIOUS DESIGN - The Chrysanthemum, or Kiku in Japanese, is a symbol that represents longevity and rejuvenation. The Chrysanthemum was also used as symbol of the Throne of the Emperor of Japan or Chrysanthemum Throne
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION This set makes a great gift for a wedding, birthday, Christmas, house warming or birthday. As the bowls are microwaveable plus freezer and dishwasher safe, they’ll get lots of use in any home. Display it proudly in your kitchen or table setting and your guests will definitely love it's beauty
  • EZ MAINTENANCE - Teapot and tea cups have wide openings for a good reach during hand washing. Although tea cups are dishwasher safe, hand washing these are still recommended.
Rank No. #6
The Elixir Premium Handmade Wildflower Tea Green Tea, Finest Quality 5 Assorted Blooming Tea Flowers Collection - Robinia Pseudoacacia, Marigold, Cockscomb, Magnolia, Chrysanthemum, South Korea
  • HEALTHY& BEAUTIFUL: High in EGCG and L-theanine. Great for meditation, yoga or daily workout
  • BALANCED & ENERGY BOOSTING-Best coffee substitute: balanced natural content provides higher energy without having caffeine jitters. Great for meditation, yoga and daily workout
  • 100% NATURAL, VEGAN-FRIENDLY & GLUTEN FREE-NON GMO, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR ADDITIVES or any chemicals ADDED: handcrafted purely with tea and herbs only
  • 5 GLORIOUS TASTES AND AROMAS: Tea set consists of 5 assorted blooming wildflower tea with gorgeous tastes: Robinia Pseudoacacia, Marigold, Cockscomb, Magnolia, Chrysanthemum (1.8g each. Net WT.)
  • HEALTH BENEFITS OF BLOOMING GREEN TEA: Tea flowers are handcrafted from delicious, edible flowers and the finest Grade tea leaves. Holistic health benefits include antioxidants, polyphenols, etc.
Rank No. #7
GOARTEA 500g (17.6 Oz Premium Golden Fetal Chrysanthemum Buds Flower Floral Dried Herbal Natural Health Chinese Tea
  • Net Weight:500g (17.6 Oz)
  • Package:Zipper sealed package.(250g*2Pcs)
  • Type:Flower Herbal Tea.
  • Grade:AAAAA
  • Vintage:This Year Harvest Season,
Rank No. #8
Handicraft Crystal Glass 3D Flower Cups Tea Mug With Tea Spoon Women Coffee, Tea, Juice, Beer, Milk Hot And Cold Drinks Use Gift Package. (Chrysanthemum, 11 OZ)
  • VERSATILE: This kind of cup can be used for hot and cold drinks,tea,coffee,lemonade,wine,cocktails,water,soda,vegetable juice,or some other daily uses.Easy to clean.This novelty glass mug brings great fun and good mood.
  • ELEGANT STYLE&THICK GLASS(3D FLOWER BUTTERFLY DESIGN): The flower and butterfly decorations are vivid and TOP quality,strong adhesive UV glue combined glass and enamel handle into a unique glass mug. such a flower glass coffee mugs cups will leave a deep impression on your guest.
  • HEALTH: The unique coffee mug is made of heat resistant glass,lead free heavy crystal glass and eco-friendly metal.Glass is a healthier choice over plastic mugs; glass does not discolor, retain smells, or leach chemicals into drinks. Let you enjoy healthy lifestyles.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR WOMAN: It suitable for gift giving and household adornment, giving mum, girlfriend and Grandma is a good choice. It is a perfect gift great for anniversary, business gifts, Christmas, Wedding Graduation, Valentine's Day, household adornment, bridesmaid gifts and presents for good friends.
  • INCLUDWE: 1 * Glass Mug ,
Rank No. #9
GOARTEA 250g (8.8 Oz) Premium Golden Fetal Chrysanthemum Buds Flower Floral Dried Herbal Natural Health Chinese Tea
  • Net Weight:250g (8.8 Oz)
  • Package:Zipper sealed package.
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Vintage:This Year Harvest Season,
  • Please carefully check and ensure the GOARTEA Logo label on the package.
Rank No. #10
Super Organics Beauty Boost Green Tea Pods With Superfoods & Probiotics | Keurig K-Cup Compatible | Beauty Tea, Skin Care Tea | USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO Natural & Delicious Tea, 12ct
  • BETTER BREW, BETTER YOU Upgrade your daily brew to Super Organics’ natural, organic, non-GMO, delicious teas . Our brew cups are filled with only wholesome, good-for-you ingredients that are also vegan and gluten-free for a difference you can taste and feel!
  • TRIPLE THREAT Tea + Superfoods + Probiotics = the perfect formula for health & wellness! Super Organics delicious beverage pods are infused with nutritious superfoods and potent probiotics for a superstar combo that’s guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds and keep you properly fueled throughout the day.
  • CONSCIENTIOUSLY CRAFTED Super Organics puts thought and care into everything we create; that’s why our coffees and teas are made to benefit both you and the environment. All Super Organics products are free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, and are proudly made using recyclable and eco-friendly materials, with biodegradable grounds and filter, so you can feel even better every time you fill your cup.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE PROBIOTICS: High temps and a harsh gastric system—our probiotics survive it all! Each Super Organics pod contains heat-resistant Bacillus coagulans probiotics that are designed to survive the hot temperatures of your daily brew and digestion to provide you with lasting probiotic goodness.
  • NATURAL BEAUTY ENHANCER Forget beauty creams and makeup—the real secret to a flawless, natural glow is Super Organics Beauty Boost Green Tea. Nourishing green tea mixed with skin-loving ingredients like chrysanthemum, grape seed, and rose hip make for the perfect beauty elixir, helping to support glowing skin and beauty from within.
SaleRank No. #11
Herbal Chrysanthemum Bud Tea - Taiju Natural Dried Chrysanthemum Flower Loose Leaf Tea - 80g Organic Chinese Flower Tea Decaffeinated
  • ❀ --【High Quality】: Hand picked the finest quality whole dried chrysanthemum flowers in China, rare and precious with natural drying, no loose petals, keep their original flower looking and still have chrysanthemum herb fragrant
  • ❀ --【Healthy Benefits】: Chrysanthemum tea rich in vitamin and high nutrition, Chinese traditional healthy drink, help release stress, clear the liver, improve eyesights and detoxify our body, boost immune system. Effective in treating eye pain associated with stress
  • ❀ --【Notices】: Be sure to use pure water to make the flower tea. Do not use ordinary tap water. Chrysanthemum contains Chlorophyll, it's normal phenomenon that soak it for long time tea will turn green. Drink it with no worry
  • ❀ --【Perfect Match】: The dried chrysanthemum can be used in variety ways, like cakes, tea, cookies etc. Can match with dried rose, jasmine buds, lemon, goji berry to get more flavor, makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a day of hard work or as afternoon tea
  • ❀ --【Natural Flowers】: Picked in its blooming month, selected from the first bud , dried chrysanthemum retains its whole flower and fresh flavor. Natural without any artificial flavor addition. Take assure to enjoy it. Caffeine free, gluten free, suger free
Rank No. #13
BrightTea Natural Chrysanthemum Flower Tea Herbal Tea Beautiful and Aromatic 2oz
  • Natural Chrysanthemum Flower Tea Herbal Tea Beautiful and Aromatic 2oz
  • The fetus is about 6-8 chrysanthemum flower, the amount can be adjusted according to individual taste
  • Into the 250ml-300ml (8.8-10.6oz) boiling water, soaked for 3-5 minutes, hot drink
  • Sugar or honey, the same can also be adjusted according to the amount of personal taste
  • Origin: China
Rank No. #14
GOARTEA 100g (3.5 Oz) Premium Golden Fetal Chrysanthemum Buds Flower Floral Dried Herbal Natural Health Chinese Tea
  • Net Weight:100g (3.52 Oz)
  • Package:Zipper sealed package.
  • Grade: AAAAA
  • Vintage:This Year Harvest Season,
  • Please carefully check and ensure the GOARTEA Logo label on the package.
SaleRank No. #15
Tea Chrysanthemum Vascuflow Herb - 20 bag, 4 pack
  • 4 VALUE PACK! You are buying FOUR of Tea Chrysanthemum Vascuflow Herb 20bg Health King Tea, Chrysanthemum Vascuflow Herb Tea 20 Tea Bags Chrysanthemum Vascuflow Herb Tea (Caffeine-Free), flavored with jasmine flower, is a high-class drink made of quality chrysanthemum and or……
  • Chrysanthemum Vascuflow Herb Tea (Caffeine-Free), flavored with jasmine flower, is a high-class drink made of quality chrysanthemum and orchid flower. Chrysanthemum has adenine, choline, vitamins A, B……
SaleRank No. #16
Cha Wu-[B] LongJing Green Tea,3.5oz/100g,Chinese Dragon Well Green Tea Loose Leaf
  • Taste:Fresh Fried Bean Aroma (In Chinese describe), taste smooth and thick,also is fresh sweet with a little green tea bitter;
  • Origin:HangZhou,China / Famous Green Tea in Chinese;
  • Brewing:Suggest 3g tea with 300-350ml,85-90℃ water to brew,can brew about 2-3 times;
  • Effect:Made you refresh and cool when you feeling tired and hot;
  • Green tea drink every days is good for health.
Rank No. #17
Tenfu's TEA Eight Treasure Chrysanthemum Tea
  • eight treasure chrysanthemum tea
Rank No. #18
Tea Sampler - Flower Tea - Decaffeinated - Herbal - Chrysanthemum - Mint - Saffron - Hibiscus - Lavender - Chamomile - Rose - Loose Tea
  • Tea Sample - 11Teas
  • Premium Loose Leaf Tea Included - Decaffeinated - Red Rose - Lemon Balm - Marigold / Calendula Flower - Mint - Chrysanthemum - Chamomile - Hibiscus - Saffron - Jasmine - Lavender - Rose Hips
  • Great Variety Contains For Everyone To Share - Enjoy
  • Find Your Favorite Teas
Rank No. #19
HUWOYMX Green Tea Herbal Cigarettes Peony Tea Smoke, Chinese Herbal Cigarettes Smoke-Free and Nicotine-Free, Cigarette Substitutes That Can Clean The Lungs (1 Package,Chrysanthemum)
  • Origin: China. Raw materials: Chinese herbal medicine and tea, 1 box = 10 packs = 20 sticks/pack. Chinese herbal medicine-tea products, no nicotine, non-tobacco products, substitutes for cigarettes.
  • Non Tobacco - Nicotine 0%! A taste that does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you switch from tobacco. The smell is also modest. Supports stress-free smoking cessation!
  • Usage: Ignition or brewing. Natural, neutral and refined tastes provide the perfect experience.
  • Non-addictive-does not contain any addictive substances. Smokeable tea. This kind of smoked tea is made from herbs and tea. It can be soaked and drunk, which is good for the body.
  • Function: It can clear the fragrant tea smoke in the lungs, a substitute for cigarettes, and can eliminate addictive substances in the body. Both men and women can use it.
Rank No. #20
Plant Gift Jasmine Tea Dried Flowers, 100% Natural Pure Herbal Tea, Loose Leaf White Jasmine Can Mix Green Tea, Can Extract Jasmine Essential Oil 30G / 1 Oz
  • ✅Delicately Sweet And Lightly Fragrant.Tip !! Add Some Dried Jasmine Flower Into Green Or White Tea For Extra Flavor And More Enjoy Your Tea Time.Can Add Rose And Chrysanthemum.
  • ✅Jasmine Buds & Jasmine Flowers.Jasmine Flower Tea Help To Relax And Refresh With Mildly Sweet Flavor And Aromatic Fragrance.
  • ✅Hand-Filled With 100% Natural Dried Top Grade Jasmine Buds & Jasmine Flowers. No Harmful Chemicals.
  • ✅Use For Tea, Spells, Essential Oil Extraction, Or Even Fill Sachets.
  • ✅COSMETIC USES: Botanical Flowers With Unique Aroma Scent Use To Make Floral Water, Facial Toners, Homemade Soaps, Bath Bomb, Shampoo, Lotions, Creams And Other Personal Care Products.

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