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Top 10 Cardfight Vanguard V Series Clans of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews

Rank No. #1
Bushiroad Cardfight Vanguard VGE-V-TD07 Kouji Ibuki Trial Deck English Deletor Link Joker
  • Featuring a Trial Deck for «Link Joker» used by "Kouji Ibuki"!
SaleRank No. #2
Cardfight Vanguard SS04 Vanguard Special Series 04 “Majesty Lord Blaster″ Deck - 50 Cards
  • Majesty Lord Blaster awakens to the wars that crawls over the plant cray!  He will lead the forces of Royal Paladin and his Blaster unit to defend the United Sanctuary.!
  • Introducing the special premium deck holder and sleeves for the Majesty Lord Blaster Special Deck Set! You can experience fights of greater complexity with just this deck! 
  • 1 Majesty Lord Blaster comes in SVR treatment, with the other 3 having VR treatment!!  The reissues are "Blaster Blade", "Flash Shield, Iseult", and 8 other cards.  "Blaster Dark" comes with a new ability that allows it to be used as a Royal Paladin!  Also featuring a new "Order" card type!
  • 1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 50 cards (1 piece of 1 type with SVR treatment, 3 pieces of 1 type with VR treatment, and 1 piece each of 5 types with RRR treatment) 1 pack of sleeves 1 premium deck holder 3 Double-sided Gift Markers (Front: Force I, Back: Force II) 1 Quick Shield card
  • Release Date: October 2, 2020
SaleRank No. #3
Cardfight Vanguard V-SS03 Festival Collection Booster Box - 10 Packs
  • Introducing the product that is packed with only reissues for all 24 clans in standard!
  • Draw Trigger Sentinels for all 24 clans are included, such as Flash Shield Iseult, Stealth Beast Leaves Mirage, Twin Blader, and much more!
  • Also, featuring 60 types of First Vanguards with the updated ability.
  • Not to mention another 48 types of reissues, like Swordbreaker, Nemain, Megarex, Rising Phoenix, Kick Kick Typhoon, and many more key cards for clans. 4 random cards per pack 10 packs per booster box
  • Release Date: August 07, 2020
SaleRank No. #4
Cardfight Vanguard V-SS05 Premium Collection 2020 Booster Box - 10 Packs
  • All 24 clans gain new cards for the Premium Format!
  • Storm Element Cycloned, a new G unit, will lead the Cray Elemental's to battle with their own deck!
  • New G units for all clans such as Crystaluster dragon, Jakumessou, Nue Daioh, Grogrock Dragon, and much more! Also new Critical triggers to take your game to higher levels then before.
  • 3 random cards per pack 10 packs per booster box
  • Release Date: August 07, 2020
Rank No. #5
Cardfight Vanguard V Trial Deck 09 Shinemon Nitta (V-TD09)
  • This deck can generate imaginary gift Force markers faster than any deck before! Call on the power of the Cray Elementals into this plane through the Astral Sea!! 
  • Featuring the 1st Trial Deck for Genesis used by the new protagonist of the anime, "Shinemon Nitta"!  Also introducing the very first Grade 5 unit in the history of Vanguard!  with the new ability to call that unit, "Astral Plane"!  4 "Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion" will be included in the deck.  Swing into action using just one trial deck and bring the fight to vanguard with this "Force" clan!
  • Trial deck comes with a 50 card pre-constructed deck, guide book, Paper Playmat, 5 gift markers (Force 1), and 1 Astral Plane Marker.
  • You can strengthen this deck with cards from the upcoming Booster Pack Vol.07 "Infinideity Cradle", sold separately.
  • Release Date: November 15, 2018
SaleRank No. #6
Cardfight Vanguard VGE-V-EB08-EN V-My Glorious Justice-Extra Booster Display Box of 12 Packets, Multi
  • A VR or SVR will definitely be included in every display!
  • 1 pack contains 7 random cards, 1 display contains 12 packs. 63 types of cards (55 new cards, 8 reissues) (VR: 3/ RRR: 6/ RR: 9/ R: 15/ C: 30) + Various Parallels
  • 2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!
Rank No. #7
Bushiroad VGE-V-EB04-EN Cardfight Vanguard V-The Answer of Truth Extra Booster Display Box of 12 Packets
  • Number of VRs included is increased! Each box comes with either 1 VR or 1 SVR!
  • This product is recommended for experienced players due to the characteristics of the clans featured.
  • Decks of each clan can be constructed with just this product! (Trigger units and first vanguards featured).
  • 12 packs per box, 7 random cards per box.
SaleRank No. #8
Cardfight Vanguard VGE-V-EB10-EN V-The Mysterious Fortune Extra Booster Display of 12 Packets
  • Includes support for the Gold Paladin, Great Nature, and Neo Nectar clans.
  • Includes 66 cards + various Parallel cards.
  • There are 57 new cards and 9 reprints.
  • Model number: VGE-V-EB10-EN
Rank No. #9
Cardfight Vanguard VGE-V-BT02-EN G-Strongest Team AL4 Booster Display Box fo 16 Packets
  • 1 pack contains 7 ransom cards
  • 1 display contains 16 packs
  • This booster can strengthen the Shadow Paladin clan's Trial Deck Vol. 4 Ren Suzugamori!!
SaleRank No. #11
500 Cardfight Vanguard Cards with Playmat and Rares
  • 500 Commons + 27 Rares + 10 RR Rares
  • Playmat from (Blazing Pardition,Brilliant Strike,Infinite Rebirth,Legions of Dragonblade,Soaring Ascent, or Generation Stride) )
Rank No. #12
Cardfight Vanguard: Trial Deck V4 - Ren Suzugamori (V-TD04)
  • Featuring a Trial Deck for Shadow Paladin, the clan used by Team Asteroid’s leader, “Ren Suzugamori”
Rank No. #15
Cardfight Vanguard Men's V-Team Dragons Vanity Booster Display Box of 12 Packets, Multi, 14.5cm x 7.5cm x 5.5cm
  • Includes support for the Shadow Paladin Aqua force and more clans
  • A VR or SVR will definitely be included in every display!
  • There are 51 new cards and 15 reprints
SaleRank No. #16
Cardfight!! Vanguard Special Series 02: Colorful Pastorale Supply Gift Set
  • Introducing the Supply Gift Set with the following supplies featuring a new illustration by Takuya Fujima!
  • Each set includes a Storage Box, Sleeves, Deck Holder, Promo Cards, Gift Markers, and a set of 3 dice with the Bermuda clan icon.
  • Release Date: April 4, 2020
  • x1 Storage Box x1 Sleeve Pack (70ct) x1 Pack of Dice (3ct) x1 Deck Holder x5 Promo Cards x5 Gift Markers
Rank No. #19
Cardfight Vanguard VGE-V-EB09-EN Raging Tactics Extra Booster Display (12 Count)
  • 66 types of cards (11 reissue cards) and Various Parallels
  • 2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!
  • 1 display contains 12 packs.

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