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Top 10 Boat Shrink Wrap Gun of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews

Rank No. #1
Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun, 200000 BTU Propane Heat Gun, Ready to Use with 25' Hose, Regulator, Hard Case, and Wrench Made in the USA
  • Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun has up to 260,00 BTUs of power, which can easily heat and shrink materials such as polyolefin (PO), polyethylene (PE), shrink wrap, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and more. The 998 can allow you to bend and weld plastics as well.
  • Sleek design which can be handled easily. It weighs only 2.2 lbs and is considered very light compared to competitive heat guns. It was designed for excellent balance, operator comfort, and quick and simple usage.
  • The Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun Kit includes the heat tool, 25' propane hose, adjustable regulator, wrench for tightening fittings, high-impact-plastic carrying case and an owners’ manual. The manufacturer’s recommended regulated pressure is 22.5 PSI. We also provide a full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts.
  • The heat gun is very lightweight, durable, and suitable for a variety of jobs. This heat gun is perfect for crafters, DIYer, or handymen. It's also durable and powerful enough to be used on professional jobs.
  • The Shrinkfast heat gun has a wide range of applications, there are so many uses for a heat gun from domestic and crafty, to car maintenance and home improvement. Heat gun is ideal for shrink wrapping, removing old wallpaper, paint strippping, plastic & tarpaulin welding, and other similar jobs.
Rank No. #2
Dr. Shrink SHRINKFAST 998 Heat Gun Tool, Black, Yellow
  • 215, 000 BTUs
  • Kit includes: heat tool, 25' propane hose, adjustable regulator, wrench for tightening fittings, high-impact plastic carrying case and a professional training DVD
  • Follow proper handling and safety guidelines
  • Designed for quick and simple usage
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit
Rank No. #3
Shrinkfast MZ Heat Gun Kit
  • Adjustable 50,000 BTUs of Power -Safe w/Controlled Flame & Many Safety Features
  • Lightweight & User Friendly (1.75 lbs)
  • 1 Year Parts & Labor Manufactures Warranty
Rank No. #4
Shrink RapidShrink 100 Propane Heat Tool
  • It distributes an EVER increasing Array of Proven hunting and Shooting sports products, along with an incredible selection of marine products from trusted vendors
  • Our product lines include firearms, reloading, marine electronics, trolling motors, optics, cutlery, archery equipment, ammunition
  • Manufactured in United States
Rank No. #6
Shrinkfast 998 Propane Heat Gun, 200000 BTU, Ready to Use with 25' Hose, Regulator, Wrench, Hard Case, 4' Angled Extension, and Shrink Film Knife Made in the USA
  • Engineered to be efficient and easy to handle, the Shrinkfast heat gun features a metal main body and resilient, hard plastic housings. It comes complete as a kit which also includes the Shrinkfast Regulator, 25' Hose, Wrench, and Hard Case.
  • The Angled Extension for the Shrinkfast Heat Gun allows for a much greater arc of coverage, which can save you labor time or propane costs.
  • Mr. Shrinkwrap's Shrink Film Knife has been tested in boatyards and on construction sites. This safety knife easily slides into pockets for efficient storage while not in use.
  • If the blade becomes dull or chipped, the blade can be flipped and reused. The two halves of the Shrink Film Knife can be separated with the use of a flathead screwdriver, exposing the blade. Three snaps lock the two halves of the knife in place again.
  • The Shrinkfast heat gun has been proven to be durable, reliable, and trusted by users worldwide.
Rank No. #7
SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit Variable Temperature Control with 2-Temp Settings 4 Nozzles 122℉~1202℉(50℃- 650℃)with Overload Protection for Crafts, Shrinking PVC, Stripping Paint
  • ▶ 【Strong Power With 2 Modes】 SEEKONE 1800W heat gun provides strong power quickly heat up to 1202℉(650℃) in seconds. Two modes: I: 50-450℃, 190-210L/min; II: 50-650℃, 250-500L/min
  • ▶ 【Variable Temp Control & Overload Protection】 Unlike other dual temperature heat guns, our heat guns provide variable temperature control. The black dial provides rheostat-type heating, the high / low switch on its handle provides air flow control. Temperature range from 120℉ to 1200℉; Our heat gun also possess overload protector to avoid damaging your heat gun and circuit
  • ▶ 【Scientific Ergonomic Design & Wide Applications】 Seekone heat gun has a scientific ergonomic design handle can prevent repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders; Ideal use for shrinking heat shrink tube, shrinking wrap, heating PVC, electronics, cell phone repairs, vinyl wrap, removing paint or floor tiles, loosening rusted bolts, and other heating or thawing purpose
  • ▶ 【Four Nozzles Accessories】 Deflector nozzle directs a long, narrow heat pattern to the work surface; Two concentrator nozzles direct a concentrated heat flow to the work surface; Reflector nozzle disperses heat flow evenly around the whole work surface. Blast Capacity:250-500L/min
  • ▶ 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】 Full refund or return guarantee with lifetime free warranty. Anything happened about the product, please feel free to contact us at any time, we will be always here for you.
Rank No. #8
Deimcdy 270pcs Heat Shrink Tubing Kit, 3:1 Dual Wall Adhesive Heat Shrink Tubing Kit, 6 Sizes (Diameter): 3/8, 1/4, 3/16, 1/8, 3/32, 1/16inch, Waterproof Electrical Wire Cable Wrap Assortment
  • Versatile & DIY Helper: our heat shrink tubing kit with 6 sizes in black and red colors for your choose. 270 pcs 3:1 Dual wall adhesive heat shrink tubing kit, they can be used for solder joint protection, group of lines marking, resistance electric capacity reason protection etc.
  • Safe & Waterproof: our dual wall adhesive heat shrink tubing kit is in good quality, has the advantages of good electrical insulation, good tightness and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. Especially the Heat activated adhesive lining provides impermeable seal to salt water and other liquids, which hase better performance, which is safe and reliable.
  • Professional & Useful: ordering our heat shrink tubing kit can save your time and fix any broken wire or create new, professional strength electrical wire connections. Suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, mechanical protection, wire or cable joints, and other low voltage repair project.
  • Easy Use & durable: our heat shrink tubing can avoid troubles by wrapping cable wire connection, and give you a tidy connection, fast and easy. You will love the durability of these long-lasting. Our bundle features 270 individual premium heat shrink tubes in 6 different sizes to tackle any project from hobby electrical work, automotive, boating and more.
  • Quality Assurance: if you find any quality problems after receiving our products, please feel free to contact us. We will solve the problem in a satisfactory manner within 24 hours.
Rank No. #9
6-Pack of 3 End Caps and 3 Bottom Caps for Shrink Wrap Installation Support Poles
  • End Caps and Bottom Caps are designed to prevent your support poles from slipping while also preventing damage to the deck of a boat. End caps are sized for use with 2" x 4" wooden boards.
  • End Caps and Bottom Cap will make the job of creating a structure for your shrink wrap much easier while eliminating common concerns related to support posts.
  • The flexible, plastic design of End Caps and Bottom Caps provide much better weight distribution than the old-fashioned method of stapling carpet squares to a 2x4.
  • End Caps and Bottom Caps are used to provide a smooth surface on the top of 2" x 4" support posts. You no longer need to worry about sharp corners of a 2x4 or staples tearing your shrink wrap.
  • End Caps and Bottom Caps have no foam pads which makes their surface more smooth and allows shrink wrap to slide over the end cap easily.
Rank No. #10
Mr. Shrinkwrap Black Weather Tight Self-Adhesive Vent - Pack of 10, Prevent Moisture buildup, Easy Installation, Apply in Seconds, Apply to Any Slope or Angle
  • Prevent moisture and build-up on your boat during its shrink wrapped storage with our Weather Tight Self-Adhesive Vents. The adhesive which secures these vents can remain effective for years (depending on environmental conditions).
  • These 4"x5" vents are very easy to install. Simply cut a small rectangle in your wrap with a film knife or razor knife, peel off the backing paper, and apply the vent.
  • These Weather Tight Self-Adhesive Vents are of a 2-piece design; one piece is the adhesive-backed base, and the other piece is a clip-on, rectangular, dome-shaped cover.
  • A Weather Tight Self-Adhesive Vent may be applied to nearly any slope or angle of wrap where there is a flat surface for the adhesive backing to stick.
  • Providing better air flow routes in and out of your shrink wrap enclosure will reduce temperature differentials which will reduce the likelihood that condensation, mold will develop.
Rank No. #11
Dr. Shrink 20' x 100' 6 Mil, White Shrink Wrap DS-206100W
  • 20' Wide Shrink Wrap
  • White Shrink Wrap
  • 6 Mil / 153 Micron Thickness
  • Appropriate for Industrial, Storage, or Transportation Applications
  • Dr. Shrink, Inc. Brand Shrink Wrap
Rank No. #12
Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun, 2 Temp Settings 750ᵒF & 1000ᵒF, Great for Soften paint, Caulking, Adhesive, Putty Removal, Shrink Wrap, Bend Plastic Pipes, Loosen Rusted Nuts or Bolts
  • DUAL TEMPERATURE HEAT GUNS: The HT1000 Heat Gun offers a 750?F and 1000?F temperature setting to easily help complete household home improvement tasks
  • HEAT GUN FOR HOUSEHOLD PROJECTS: Use this heat gun to soften paint, electrical wire shrinking, caulking, adhesive or putty for removal. Other applications include shrink wrap, bend plastic pipes, and loosen rusted nuts or bolts
  • HEAT GUN ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: The two fan speeds provide additional control to customize to your project needs
  • HANDS FREE OPERATION: Features an integrated stand for safe, hands-free operation to help prevent the hot nozzle from touching your work surface
  • DURABLE FOR GENERAL USE: Features a corrosion resistant nozzle for long lasting use and integrated hanging hook to easily store on a peg wall or workbench
Rank No. #13
1/2" x 500' Cross Woven Poly Strapping Cord for Shrink Wrap Installation
  • Cross Woven Polyester Strap is a strong and versatile material for creating structure to support shrink wrap. Strap is also used to hold shrink wrap in place, similar to a belt.
  • Many installers also use the strap like a rope to tie onto their shrink wrap so they can easily pull the wrap over their boat. Several different types of strap are available. You may choose between 1/2" and 3/4" strap widths. For both widths, different lengths are available.
  • There's also a heavy duty 3/4" strap for those applications that are exceptionally demanding. Regular 3/4" strap is typically used for load-bearing and other applications where much tension will be applied to the strap, such as the main center strap running the length of a boat and the perimeter strap which acts as a belt around the hull for the shrink wrap.
  • We recommend using a 3/4" strap for the center and perimeter straps when wrapping a boat, 1/2" can still get the job done.
  • Our strap is very strong and doesn't fray when you cut it. The great tensile strength in combination with a light coating around the polyester gives our strap the toughness, resistance from fraying and rigidity to be a must-have in your arsenal of shrink wrapping supplies.
SaleRank No. #14
EnerTwist Heat Gun 1500 Watt Variable Temperature Control Hot Air Tool Kit Heating Protect for Shrink Wrapping, Paint Removal, Wiring, Tubing, Crafts, Vinyl Wrap, Automotive, Electronics Repair
  • ▲VARIABLE TEMPERATURE - High Heat Adjustable 9-Temp & 3 Fan Speed features high/ low/ cool/ off 4 modes switch and 9-temp control via dialing the rear cover [ I: 140℉(60℃)@ 500 L/min, II: 176℉-572℉(80-300℃) @ 300 L/min, III:176℉- 932℉(80℃- 500℃) @ 500 L/min] can satisfy all your utility
  • ▲POWERFUL & RELIABLE - Heavy duty hot air gun with 12.5 Amp motor heats up to maximum temperature 932℉(500℃) quickly in few seconds and performs stable. Professional heater gives outstanding performance by keeping running 500 hours in max temperature (data from lab)
  • ▲ ERGONOMIC & SAFETY - Non-slip soft grip and weight balance design for easy-to-use, integrated hands free support stand allows the gun sit upright for hand-free use. With professional built-in overload protection prevents electric heat gun from over heating due to misuse
  • ▲ VERSATILE ACCESSORIES - 4 Nozzle deflectors & 5 paint scraper kit extend heat gun utility, Reduction nozzle for welding plastics, solering/ de-soldering, shrink wrapping, loosening seized bolts & nuts. Glass protection nozzle for paint or adhesive stripping neat heat-sensitive materials. Wide jet surface nozzle for paint or adhesive removal. Reflector nozzle for heat shrinking tubing, shaping PVC tubes, thawing frozen pipes
  • ▲WHAT YOU GET - 120V Heat Gun Kit with carrying case and 9 accessories. Best for shrink wrapping, crafting, embossing heating, painting, roofing, wire stripping, phone / auto glass repair, tint soldering/desoldering, plastic welding, PVC pipe bending, seized bolts & nuts loosening, replacing tile, waxing skis and snowboards, soften plastics as well as drying and thawing purpose
Rank No. #15
Imguardz 100PCS Heat Shrink Wire Connectors Kit, Insulated Soldering Terminal Butt Electrical Marine Automotive Splice Wire Cable Crimp Connector Waterproof (16-14 Awg) Blue
  • APPLICATION: Wide range of applications in areas, perfect for marine and automobile applications, whether you are working on your boat, Vehicle, Home or scientific project, our electrical crimp connector will ensure strong watertight seal to make sure everything bond correctly
  • HIGH-QUALITY : Heat shrink butt connectors use a copper core with a higher thickness rating.This makes your connection project safer and providing minimal voltage drop, high current flow, and less heat
  • DURABILITY: Each terminal features a thick tinned copper barrel that resists corrosion to hold the wire tight when crimped. The barrel is created from one seamless piece of copper that eliminates the problem of the barrel opening. Your wire will never slip out of the connector
  • WATERPROOF: The hot melt adhesive layer between the insulation layer and the wire can provide the best sealing effect. The wire connector set has good chemical resistance and is safer than conventional connectors
  • PLENTY OF TERMINALS: This connector kit includes 100 PCS blue 16-14 AWG connectors. Enough to finish multiple wiring projects
SaleRank No. #16
Kuject 120PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors, Self-Solder Heat Shrink Butt Connector Solder Sleeve Waterproof Insulated Electrical Butt Splice Wire Terminals for Marine Automotive Boat Truck Wire Joint
  • Time Saver - solderless, crimpless, all you need is just a heat gun to finish the joint, much faster and easier than the old way.
  • Fit for Confined and Narrow Spaces - can be bent after connection and no need to crimp or solder in the confined area, just control the temperature via a heat gun.
  • Better Waterproof and Seal Performance - there is two hot melt waterproof adhesive rings in each butt connector, which help it hold up better to moisture.
  • High Temperature Resistance in A Short Time: use exclusive material in the butt connectors to avoid shrink tubing melting before solder ring.
  • IATF16949:2016 Listed: The Kuject solder seal connectors meet the newest standard of International Automotive Task Force, which is the most standardized and safest way for you to repair or modify your car.
Rank No. #17
Mossy Oak - 14003-7-SGB Graphics 6" x 7' Shadow Grass Blades Camouflage Tape Roll - Camo Vinyl with a Matte Finish - Ideal for Covering Guns, Bows, Cameras, and Other Hunting Accessories. Squeegee Included.
  • EASY TO USE. This camo tape can be easily used on most accessories to meet whatever your camo needs are. Squeegee included to make the process even easier.
  • NO FADE FOR 5 YEARS. Our vinyl means you won't see any fading on this high quality tape.
  • HIGH QUALITY VINYL. Our cast makes for an easy installation, high resolution patterns, and a long lasting skin that won't peel, shrink or crack.
  • REMOVABLE. When you desire, go ahead and remove our tape, it won't leave behind any adhesive residue.
  • HIGHER RESOLUTION. Get the most out of your camo tape with our high quality, high resolution camouflage patterns.
SaleRank No. #18
560PCS Heat Shrink Tubing 2:1, Eventronic Electrical Wire Cable Wrap Assortment Electric Insulation Heat Shrink Tube Kit with Box(5 colors/12 Sizes)
  • Material:Made of Polyolefin, Shrinkage Ratio:2:1 (will shrink to 1/2 its supplied diameter)
  • Suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, colour coding, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints and daily repairs etc
  • Comes with 560pcs heat shrink tube assorted in plastic box, 5 colors( Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Red), 12 Specifications , satisfied for your different need
  • Length: 45mm, Internal Diameter:1mm/1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/3.5mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/10mm/13mm,Shrinking ratio: 2:1
  • Package Included: 1 x 560PCS(12 sizes) 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing
SaleRank No. #19
Kuject 530Pcs Self-Solder Wire Connectors and Heat Shrink Tubing Kit, Waterproof Heat Shrink Butt Connector & Shrink Wrap Tube, Solder Seal Insulated Electrical Butt Splices for Marine Car Wire Joint
  • 2-in-1heat shrink butt splice set, cost-effective choice - Come with 480Pcs heat shrink tubing and 50Pcs solder seal butt connectors
  • Different size for your different need - come with 9 size for heat shrink tubes and 4 size for solder seal wire connectors
  • Waterproof and insulated - can be used for auto, marine, and other low voltage repair project.
  • Widely Use: suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, colour coding, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints and daily repairs etc.
  • Time Saver - there are 50PCS solderless wire connectors, all you need is just a heat gun to finish the connection.
Rank No. #20
Titan 51886 Propane Heat Gun
  • For use with various applications such as vinyl wrapping, window tinting, heat shrink tubing, paint removal, thawing frozen pipes, bending plastics and more
  • Temperature range: 842 - 1022 degree F (450 - 550 degree C)
  • Connects to disposable propane cylinders - propane cylinder not included
  • Hands free vertical stand
  • Includes spreader nozzle and deflector nozzle

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