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Top 10 Anet A12 3D Printer of 2020 – Consumer Guide & Reviews

Rank No. #1
WEEDO Dual Extruder 3D Printer, All Metal Frame 300x300x400mm Build Volume 90% Assembled Printer with Silent Mainboard, Touch Screen, Auto-Leveling,ME40 Pro
  • 【Get Started Immediately】ME40Pro is 90% pre-assembled, and the assembly is completed quickly within 40 minutes. Power-on self-test is performed immediately on start. This test will detect the thermal performance of nozzle and build surface, and the overall operation of X,Y,Z axis. This function can be manually turned on and off in the interface.
  • 【Smart Power Management】 When ME40Pro detects that the print job is completed, it can automatically turn off the power supply to save electricity. You could manually switch the function on and off. In power save mode, you could enable the printer to turn off automatically when not in use.
  • 【Automatic Leveling, Silent Printing】 The ME40 Pro adopts smart sensor technology, allowing accurate calibrations and easy set-up. Automatic Leveling guarantees the perfect first layer. TMC2208 ultra-quiet stepper controllers provide a quiet printing experience.
  • 【Multiple Printing Modes】 ME40Pro is equipped with Wi-Fi module, which supports Wiibuilder software to send sliced files for printing with one-click. ME40Pro also supports offline printing via micro SD card.
Rank No. #2
GEEETECH A10M 3D Printer with Mix-Color Printing, Adjustable Dual Extruder Design, Filament Detector and Break-resuming Function, Updated 3mm Hotbed Kit,Prusa I3 Quick Assembly DIY kit
  • ✔️【Unique Double Color Printing】2 extruder module and 2-in-1-out hot end, which deliver 4 types of printings--Single color, Double color, Graded color and Mixed color, which will greatly enrich your 3D printing experience.
  • ✔️【20 Minutes Self-Assembly】The modularized design divided the printer into 6 modules--Gantry kit, Bottom kit, Extruder motors, PSU kit, LCD display kit, Filament holder kit, what all you need to do is to tighten screws, connect wires correctly and fine-tune belt tension and adjust heat bed when necessary. The whole process takes about 20 minutes.
  • ✔️【GT2560 V4.0 Marlin Control Board】Using Marlin firmware, stable and easy to operate. It will support auto-leveling function. All what you need to do is to order a 3d touch/bl touch, connect the sensor with A10M, update the firmware and then simply debug.
  • ✔️【Filament Detector and Break-Resume】The filament detection system will alert you to change filament when the printer runs in air or the spool is empty. The resurrection system is added to save real-time printing status and to resume the printing job exactly at the same place where it has been stopped.
  • ✔️【After-sale Services】 Lifetime technical assistance. If you have any problem, you can reach out us via E-mail/FB.⎃⎃⎃⎃DEAR CUSTOMERS: If you have any problem, please contact us at the FIRST time,we will try our BEST to help you solve can reach out us via E-mail/FB.⎃⎃⎃⎃
Rank No. #3
BlueMaker DIY 3D Printer Large-Size DIY Kit FDM 3D Printer Kit with 350x350x380mm Large Printing Size,Dual Z Lead Screw,Filament End Detector & Resume Printing for STEM & Tinkerers
  • ✔️【PATENT TECHNOLOGY】: OPTICAL X-AXIS/ TRIANGLE FRAME/LED LIGHTING]Unlike other 3D Printers on the market,Bluemaker 3D printer upgrades the user experience with unique design.Instead of traditional guide rail pulley,our upgraded 3D printer adopts metal optical X-Axis for more delicate and smooth movement. Triangle frame improves stability of the printing platform. Built-in LED lights allow you to check your masterpieces under weak light or print overnight without anxiety
  • ✔️【LARGE PRINTING SIZE: 13.8"x13.8"x15"】: The 13.8"x13.8"x15" large build area allows you to create large and amazing models, making it the great Pro 3D printer and DIY Printer models. Unlike most 3D printers on the market,our FDM 3D printer kit provides larger printing area to meet various size requirements
  • ✔️【SILENT PRINTING, STABILITY & SAFETY】: Bluemaker single extruder 3D printer features high-performance silent motherboard to ensure no noise during printing. Three contact sensors(Precision Limit Switches) built on X/Y/Z axis respectively, provides automatical calibration and maintains great stability even under high-speed printing. Triangle frame improves printing stability,which can be moved left and right during printing without worrying about affecting your printing effect
  • ✔️【RESUME PRINTING/MAGNETIC BUILD SURFACE】: BlueMaker BM-3S 3D Printer can resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after suffering unexpected power outages.Unlike most 3D printers that use clips to fix the hotbed,our’s adopts magnetic build surface plate for thermal runaway protection and easy model removal
  • ✔️【BLUEMAKER 100% GUARANTEE】: BlueMaker 3D printer comes with life-time technical supports and 24-hour professional customer service,if you have any questions we are always here for you.(How to contact us: Select on the ‘Name of the Seller’ option in your Amazon order history and ask a question or via contact info. on startup interface for quick response.)
Rank No. #4
ANET ET5X 3D Printer, a Straight-Through Extrusion Mechanism 3D Printer with a 3.5-inch Touch Screen, Industrial-Grade Chips, Automatically Enter The Material 3D Printer300 x 300 x 400mm
  • HD 3.5-inch touch screen, simple operation, easy to use, excellent human-computer interaction experience, 0.4mm nozzle design is exquisite, printing accuracy is extremely high, and printing performance is more stable.
  • Function of restoring printing after power off, the last unfinished printing will continue after power off, so you don't have to worry about power off.
  • Industrial chip control motherboard, fast running speed, powerful function, and has current overload protection and temperature out of control protection.
  • The wiring harness port is integrated, and the wiring harness is hidden, the overall appearance is beautiful, and the simple design style is retained.
  • Modular installation, it only takes 10 minutes to complete the assembly, saving time and trouble, and at the same time experiencing DIY.
Rank No. #5
Anet ET4 3D Printer, DIY 3D Printer, Matrix Automatic Levelling with Resume Printing Function, All-Metal 3D Printer with Industrial Grade Chipset, 220X220X250mm
  • 🔥【All-Metal Construction】A rigid metal frame can reduce body shaking during printing and improve print quality. This makes the printer easy to assemble and brings a pleasant setup experience for beginners.🎄🎄Please Note: the delivery time only available in 3-8 days🎄🎄
  • 🔥【25-Point Matrix Auto-Leveling】The machine measures 25 points across the area of the print bed with a probe mounted next to the extruder and (theoretically) compensates for deviations. This will help you with an uneven bed and result in a better first layer performance across the 220 x 220 mm print area.
  • 🔥【Sensitive Touch Screen】2.8-inch touchscreen interface with 4 kinds of languages available: English, Spanish,Frence and Chinese, easy to select file printing and preview the printing status real-time
  • 🔥【Fast Heating & Double Cooling Fans】: The heat bed can reach its operating temperature in just 1 minutes. The printer is shielded by its power supply from voltage spikes and power outages. The extruder comes installed with two fans, one for the nozzle, which helps to accomplish high detail prints, and the other for the heat sink.
  • 🔥【Our Service】Anet founded in 2015 is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales of 3D printers. As the world's leading manufacturer of innovative desktop 3D printers, Anet is committed to premium quality 3D printer. All our products pass strict testing and checking before delivery. Anet guarantees your purchase, provides professional support for after sale. We have professional customer service staff to help you solve the problem within 24 hours.
Rank No. #6
ANYCUBIC MEGA X 3D Printer, Large Metal FDM 3D Printer with Patented Heatbed and 1kg PLA Filament, Build Size 11.81in(L) X 11.81in(W) X 12in(H)
  • Fast Assembly, Mega X 3D printer came in two modules and all it takes is to plug in 12 screws and 3 cables, easy to assemble and get printing right out of the box, Perfect choice for beginners and veteran
  • High Print Precision, This 3D Printer’s print precision is greatly improved by equipping it with Y Axis Dual Sideway Design and Z-axis dual screw rod design, The pitting in the skin and texture in the clothing all can shows up
  • Large Build Volume, This FDM printer comes with larger build spaces available, At 11.81in(L) X 11.81in(W) X 12in(H), able to print models that 90% of other 3d printers could not. More space for fulfilling your fantastic idea
  • Patented Heat Bed, No hassle of sticker any more, Ultrabase bed surface coated with patented microporous coating, allowing the print holds strong when printing and then effortlessly falls off the bed when it cools to room temp at the end of the print, Kindly note, The bed will not go over 90 degree
  • More Function,1 Resume Print: One click to resume from the last recorded position when suffered power outages, 2 TFT Touch Screen: As responsive as operating on the phone, 3 Meanwell Power Supply: Compliance with UL60950-1, enhance the safety performance, 4 All ANYCUBIC 3D printers backed with lifetime technical support
Rank No. #7
BMG Extruder 3D Printer Upgraded Bowden Extruder Dual Drive Extruder for Creality Ender 3 Pro/Ender 5 Pro/CR10S Pro, Anycubic Mega S, Tevo Tornado Wanhao D9, Anet A8 E10 and Prusa I3 DIY Printer Kits
  • 【Notification】Do not adjust tension of hand twist screw too tight when you print soft filament, otherwise the filament wiring will be winding on the wheel. Manually adjust to a suitable tension for your 3D printer.
  • 【Dual Drive】Dual-drive BMG Bowden extruder has an internal transmission ratio of 3: 1 and high accuracy, and we recommend E-steps:385
  • 【Application】For 3D printer upgration, especially those who want to print soft filament like TPU. All other filament is suitable as well: PLA / ABS / PETG / NYLON / CARBON FIBER / WOOD
  • 【Compatibility】Suitable for most DIY 3D printers, such as Creality CR10, Ender 3 series, Wanhao D9, Anet A8 E10, Geeetech A10 3D printer high-performance upgrade parts.
  • 【Warranty】Every product passed QC before shipment. But if you have problem, we provide free return/exchange in 90 days, pls contact us.
Rank No. #8
BCZAMD 3D Printer Accessories Upgrade Extruder Plastic Dual Drive Extruder 1.75mm for Tevo Tornado Wanhao D9 CR10 Ender3 V2 Anet E10 Black
  • This extruder compatible with: 3D-V6 extrusion head and 3d printer such as Tevo Tornado Wanhao D9 Creality CR10 Ender3 Anet E10 etc.
  • Applicable filament: 1.75mm filament, nylon, TPU, TPE, carbon-filled high-strength and other materials.
  • Freely adjust the tightness: fastening spring device allows the user to fine-tuning the pressure applied by the dual drive gear to the filament, the users can freely adjust the tightness according to the characteristics of the filament.
  • Reduction gear: extruding more torque while reducing the burden on the motor and extending the life of the motor.
  • Unique dual drive feeding gear: minimizes slippage and increases the power of feeding. If you need the Ender 3 install mount, please reference in thingiver: 3755808.
Rank No. #9
CCTREE 3D Printer Build Surface with 3M Sticker 3D Printer Heated Bed Sheet for TEVO Tornado Anet E12 Monoprice Maker Pro Mk.1 Creality CR-10 CR-10S 300x300mm (Pack of 3)
  • Size:310mm x 310mm (12.2"x12.2")
  • Build sheet adheres to a print bed to help the filament stick during printing, while also enabling clean removal of the printed part afterward
  • Compatible with ABS, PLA, HIPS and other filament
  • Single sheet design installs more quickly and with fewer bubbles than tape or films
  • Durable construction allows for multiple uses with either the same or different filament material
Rank No. #10
3D Printer Magnetic Build Surface 220mm for Anycubic Mega i3 Anet A8 WanHao i3 Detachable Square Black (220x220) Eewolf …
  • 220x220 build surface: NOTE: When you open the package, please make sure the product has two parts. The blue part is the surface while the other part back with 3M adhesive which should stick on the hot bed. Besides, please adjust the 90 degrees direction if there is a weak magnetic.
  • BUILD SURFACE: improves the molding accuracy of the filament. Build sheet adheres to a print bed to help the filament stick during printing and print without warping.
  • COMPATIBLE with filament PLA, NOT ABS, PETG
  • HEAT BED: It is recommended that the temperature of the heat bed not exceed 80 ℃. Easy to use and without bumps or bubbles.
  • SUPPORT: anet a8, wanhao i3 ect. Free items are provided under the page with promotion code.
Rank No. #11
UniTak3D V5 Hotend 24V 40W Print Head for Anycubic Chiron 3D Printer
  • 【Quality Brass Nozzle】:0.4mm
  • 【Filament Compatibility】: 1.75mm PLA/ABS/WOOD/PETG/TPU
  • 【Original Replacement】: ONLY compatible with ANYCUBIC Chiron series 3d printer
  • 【Easy to install】:Both of the thermistor and heating rod come with connector,very easy to install.
  • 【All Metal Hotend】:Heat-resistant with aluminum heating block, the temperature can reach up to 250℃, equipped with NTC3950 thermistors and 24V 40W cartridge heater.
Rank No. #12
3D Printer for Beginner 3D Printer for Kids Mini 3D Printer X2 DIY Kit 30W with Upgraded Removable Hot Magnetic Build Plate 1.75mm x 10m PLA Filament Printing Size up to 100x100x100mm
  • 【Removable Build Plate】 Our exclusive new 3D printer designed with a magnetic bed for the easy of detachment, easier to take out by bending the magnetic plate. This unit offers a printing space of 100*100*100mm.
  • 【Rapid heating and Mute working 】The 0.4mm nozzle can be quickly heated to 180℃ within 3 minutes and printing accuracy reaches 0.1-0.2mmm. The working volume is lower than 60db.
  • 【Quick assembly and easy operation】One key operation system and LED display screen help you control the printing process easily. The short step-by-step instructions are also provided for your convenience to assemble with 3 minutes.
  • 【Massive printing models 】for you to download and self-developed slicing software will bring you a better printing experience. This 3D printer is also supported by the popular slicing software: CURA, Simplify3D. Please check the user manual to download printing model.
  • NOTE: The self-developed slicing software do not support Mac computer system. Only suitable for Windows XP/7/8/10.💪For 3D printer beginner :Download the Gcode format 3D model from the Web on user manual and copy the model to the TF card, insert the TF card into the 3D printer, and print it. 💪For advanced user download the "E3Dmagic"for modeling (Output:STL) and Cura or Easy3D for slicing (Input :STL,Output:Gcode)
SaleRank No. #13
[Original]Anycubic I3 Mega 3D Printer Extruder Print Head
  • Hotend for Anycubic i3 mega
  • 0.4mm nozzle for 1.75 filament
  • 12V 40W heater
  • V5 Radiator tube
  • V6 PC4-01 quick connector
Rank No. #14
Redrex Assembled Upgrading Extruder Kits with NEMA 17 Stepper Motor for I3 Mega 3D Printer
  • ONLY Compatible with I3 Mega 3D Printer!It doesn't fit on CR10 Ender 3 series 3d printers.
  • Pre-Assembled Unit:Just plug the cables and update the new firmware to make it work.
  • Better Experience for Flexible Filaments:This kits provides a short,well constrained filament path,which will contribute to avoid filament bending,buckling and jamming.
  • Come with Slimline NEMA 17 Stepper Motor :Likewise the use of 3:1 gearing ratio allows the use of smaller motors, making for a lighter weight carriage whilst maintaining reliability and pushing power.
  • E-step value is around 400
Rank No. #15
ARQQ TL Smoother Addon Module for Pattern Elimination Motor Clipping Filter 3D Printer Stepper Motor Drivers (Pack of 5pcs)
  • The TL-Smoother is an addon module for 3D printer stepper motor drivers
  • Lower vibration lower noise smoother result
  • The board provides flyback diodes (freewheeling diodes) for the motor outputs
  • Also protected against induction voltages in the unpowered state of the driver
  • You will got smoother movement especially on the delta-style 3Dprinter under DVR8825 stepper drivers and A4988/2 drivers
Rank No. #16
90cm / 35.4in 3D Printer Wire Heated Bed Power Cable for Anet A8 A6 A2 A3 E12 E10
  • Made of high-quality materials for durability
  • Fine workmanship, simple to install and easy to operate
  • Squeezed cable, well protected core wire, not easy to break core
  • The length is 90cm which can meet the distance of connecting
  • Suitable for Anet A8 A6 A2 A3 E12 E10 3D Printer
Rank No. #17
Anet Aluminum MK2 MK3 12V Heated Bed Hotbed Upgrade for Anet A8 A6 3D Printer, Black 220x220mm
  • Large-size aluminum printing platform.
  • Aluminum plate can bear higher temperature.
  • Reduce alice edge rate.
  • Size of hotbed: 220x220mm ( 8.6" x 8.6" square),
    suit for Anet A8, A6 3D Printer.
  • Length of cable: 90cm

Rank No. #18
Geeetech 3D Printer,Wooden Prusa I3 Pro W Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit with WiFi Cloud,200x200x180mm(7.9''7.9''7.1'')Printing Size,Support 3D WiFi Module, EasyPrint 3D App.
  • 1. Open Filament System: ABS/PLA/Flexible PLA
  • 2. Reliable print quality: High layer resolution and low tolerances provide smooth surface finish and stable object texture. Easy to assemble and adjust: Simplified and custom-fit parts, time-saving and reasonable build.
  • 3. Increased stability and reliability: 6mm thick, high quality wood panels and reinforced structure allow the Pro W to work smoothly.
  • 4. Cloud 3D Printing Solution: Use a WIFI module for wireless 3D printing. (Attention: The WIFI module is not included and must be purchased separately)
  • 5. EasyPrint 3D App: With printing and control features, a gallery of free 3D models and a 3D printing community. Combined with the WIFI feature, the EasyPrint 3D app offers great 3D print cloud experience.
Rank No. #19
WINSINN Removable 12V 40W Heater Cartridge 620 Ceramic Hotend Works with Creality Ender 3 5 CR10 CR-10 CR10 Anet A8 3D Printer (Pack of 5Pcs)
  • ✔️Removable design, easy to install:))
  • ✔️Voltage: 12V, Power: 40W
  • ✔️Head diameter: 6mm, Head length: 20mm, Total length:1 Meter
  • ✔️Heating head material: 304 stainless steel
  • ✔️Made by WINSINN.
Rank No. #20
CCTREE 15PCS 3D Printer Heating Block Cotton with Kapton Tape Hotend Nozzle Heat Insulation Cotton for Ultimaker/Makerbot/Creality CR-10
  • Heat preservation, keep the printer heating evenly and work better
  • You can Punch Holes or Cut fit size to the cotton.
  • Recommend Safe Working Temperature : <300°C
  • Cotton Size: 70mm x 20mm x 2mm Kapton:Width 6mm, Lenght:33M
  • Package including:15PCS x 2mm heating block cotton + 1PCS x 6mm Kapton Tape

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