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National Volunteerism Initiative Environmental Scan on Volunteering in Canada

The National Volunteerism Initiative (NVI) Joint Table was mandated to expand volunteer efforts, promote volunteering and strengthen volunteerism in Canada. As the Table considered and developed the key elements of an NVI, it required an understanding of current public views, attitudes and opinions on volunteering so as to suggest approaches for strengthening volunteerism in Canada.

To assist with this process, in May 2001, the NVI Joint Table commissioned the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy to prepare the following Environmental Scan on Volunteering and Improving Volunteering. The scan reviews existing research on public attitudes and opinions about volunteering and reports on the results of a small number of key informant interviews with volunteers and representatives of voluntary organizations, businesses aned governments. It outlines current strengths in volunteering, current areas of weakness or vulnerability and current gaps in our inforrmation about volunteering.

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